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Principal and Senior Linux and Android Engineer(s)

Job Locations: Pittsburgh, PA USA and Gurgaon, INDIA

We are looking for software developers who are passionate about developing and optimizing Linux-based platforms. Timesys offers a unique opportunity for Computer Engineering and Computer Science professionals to participate in the on-going device and sensors revolution.

Primary responsibilities for this position:

  • Integrating and developing Timesys embedded Linux and Android for customers’ custom platforms,
  • Integrating, developing and testing features
    • Fastboot bootloaders
    • Kernel support for various SoCs and development kits
    • Kernel device drivers for different technologies such as wireless networking, sensors, audio and video codecs, camera sensors and 3D acceleration
    • Power management optimizations
    • Multimedia user space applications involving audio / video / 3D / HTML5
  • Optimizing system performance using development tools such as profilers, tracers and debuggers,
  • Creating “How To” guides and application notes for features and
  • Resolving customer issues that have been escalated by support.

Education and experience requirements:

  • Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering (with software development emphasis) — or equivalent experience,
  • Understanding of and experience developing / debugging at least one of the following (the more the better):
    • Linux device drivers and bootloaders
    • C/C++ multithreaded, multi process applications
    • Applications based on Qt, GStreamer, Alsa, OpenGL frameworks
    • Android applications or platforms
  • Strong programming skills and understanding of C/C++,
  • Understanding of a hardware architectures (ARM, Power, MIPS, x86), datasheets and errata
  • Understanding of systematic problem solving and excellent debugging skills
  • Knowledge of Yocto Project, Timesys Factory, Buildroot or OpenEmbedded build systems is a plus,
  • Experience with installation and customization of Fedora, Ubuntu and/or Debian is a plus,
  • 2+ years working experience as an embedded software developer is a plus,
  • Experience interacting with customers (external or internal) is a big plus,
  • Proficiency with SCM, especially Git, is a plus,
  • Proficiency with build tools, such as autotools and make, is a plus,
  • Experience working with the open source community is a big plus,
  • Excellent and demonstrable written and oral communication skills and
  • Ability to work effectively in a dynamic environment.

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Timesys Corporation is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer committed to diversity in our workforce. It is our policy to attract and retain the best-qualified people available. Timesys will not discriminate in violation of any applicable law on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or status as a Special Disabled Veteran, or other qualifying veteran. Timesys Corporation encourages employment applications by all qualified individuals including minorities, veterans, and disabled persons.