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LinuxLink Alert – November 3, 2010

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The following items were recently added to LinuxLink. Note that some content might require a paid subscription for access.



squares  Free Edition of LinuxLink Now Available

Timesys has released a free edition of LinuxLink, called LinuxLink Web Edition. LinuxLink Web Edition is the industry’s only free, fully secure, web-hosted offering that enables developers to start building embedded Linux applications on day one.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The Web Edition combines the Linux kernel, toolchain, debugger, Timesys’ TimeStorm Eclipse based IDE and extensive how-to documentation to provide a complete embedded Linux build system.
  2. An easy-to-use wizard helps developers quickly build/boot Linux as well as start developing applications — regardless of the target architecture.
  3. When needed, users can upgrade to our Desktop Edition at any time for access to live, expert Linux support, in-depth customization, and advanced solutions.

With support for a wide variety of popular processors and boards, it couldn’t get any easier and quicker for you to prototype and benchmark common applications on your development kit.

 Register for your Free LinuxLink Edition.
 Learn more about LinuxLink Free Web Edition.

squares  Timesys Offers LinuxLink for Rich Multimedia User Interface Development

Timesys has launched a new solution, LinuxLink for Rich Multimedia User Interfaces (Rich MUI) that allows developers to easily build multi-media UI-based devices and reduces platform and application development startup time from months to days.

The LinuxLink Rich MUI offering significantly shortens the time spent configuring and compiling distributions by:

  • Providing application developers a drag-and-drop, WYSIWYG tool for designing the GUI and cross-building the code to run on the target,
  • Offering a library of well-documented, working demos utilizing OpenGL ES, GStreamer, and many Qt Widget and API calls to save weeks of trial and error, and
  • Gathering, integrating and testing all the necessary drivers, codecs and API libraries, and reconciling version compatibility. A platform developer can simply select from one of the Rich MUI templates and all the components are already cross-built and linked. LinuxLink generates a bootable platform and complete toolchain.

LinuxLink Rich Multimedia User Interface Solution

Click image for a larger view

The LinuxLink Rich MUI solution includes all the software components and tools required to build 2D, 3D, audio- and video-accelerated systems. The offering includes 2D/3D Graphics software development kits (SDKs), Qt framework, drivers for HW accelerated components and GStreamer plugins for audio and video. In addition, the LinuxLink Rich MUI solution includes Timesys’ TimeStorm — an Eclipse-based IDE that includes Timesys plug-ins for debugging and deployment and Qt Designer plug-ins for WYSIWYG GUI design.

Unmetered, expert Linux support from Timesys is included in every subscription of LinuxLink Rich MUI solution — to further reduce development time and risk.

 Learn more about LinuxLink for Rich Multimedia User Interface.

squares  Timesys adds LinuxLink offering for Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx Series

With Timesys’ LinuxLinkoffering for the Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series and Intel® Platform Controller Hub EG20T, customers now can easily develop embedded Linux products, harnessing features of the Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series. LinuxLink is built with open source technologies that are well-known to Linux engineers of all experience levels, so customers can easily integrate their own applications, modify the Linux kernel and even incorporate their own proprietary packages and frameworks into the design of their embedded product.


The Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series offers improved power reductions, allowing for wider adoption in deeply embedded device markets. The combination of rich media and sophisticated UI chip capabilities with MeeGo offered rich multimedia APIs, makes it ideal for devices such as point of sale, kiosks, medical and infotainment — as well as a nearly unlimited array of other devices our customers design. Developers can quickly configure, build and evaluate embedded Linux on the Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series platform by accessing Free Web Edition of LinuxLink at

 Learn more about LinuxLink forIntel Atom E6XX with EG20T.
 View a list of all Intel® processors supported by LinuxLink.

squares  Middleware/package Updates in the Factory

The following have been recently added to the Timesys Factory:

  • Desktop – lxappearance
  • Desktop – xarchiver
  • Multimedia – jack-audio-connection-kit
  • Utilities – barcode
  • Utilities – openscap
  • and more

The following middleware/packages have been updated in the Timesys Factory:

  • Desktop – gnome-menus 2.30.4
  • Graphics – libICE 1.0.7
  • Graphics – pixman 0.19.6
  • Multimedia – gst-plugins-base
  • Multimedia – gstreamer
  • and more

The complete list of available packages can be accessed at

 Learn more about Factory — Timesys’ automated embedded Linux build system.
 Access Timesys Factory (subscription required).



squares  Writing a GStreamer Application using Qt on the TI Sitara™ AM3517 EVM

This tutorial covers creating a platform and application that uses GStreamer to display a video and the Qt UI Framework for the control user interface.

 View the entire Writing a GStreamer Application using Qt on the TI Sitara AM3517 EVM doc (paid subscription required).

squares  How to Use UBIFS

UBIFS is a file system that acts like LVM with the MTD subsystem. It is supposedly faster than JFFS2, is safe for devices with bad blocks, and is overall a super thing to use.

 View the entire How to Use UBIFS doc.

To learn more about LinuxLink subscriptions and how they can reduce the time to market for your next embedded Linux project, visit


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