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LinuxLink Alert – September 9, 2009

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The following items were recently added to LinuxLink. Note that some content might require a paid subscription for access.



squares  Timesys offers FPGA design service

If you struggle with your FPGA design or its performance or you would rather use your in-house resources differently, Timesys can help.

The newly announced service will provide Timesys customers with not only best in class tools to quickly build a Linux platform and jumpstart application development but it will also help with the actual FPGA designs.

Whether new project, existing IP block optimization or 3rd party block adoption, Timesys can quickly and efficiently provide expert assistance which combined with the latest open source code will ensure your products are performing to your specification.

 Learn more about the service.
 Try the Timesys Factory, and see how easy it is to integrate our FPGA design service into an embedded Linux platform.

squares  Timesys releases LinuxLink support for Mercury Computer Systems Ensemble 5000 Series VXS HCD5220 Module

Timesys has enabled support for the Ensemble™ 5000 Series VXS HCD5220 module from Mercury Computer Systems. The innovative HCD5220 module (which is based on two dual-core 8641D processors) is supported by the rich set of features available from the cross-product Mercury MultiCore Plus® software infrastructure, which allows for ease of portability while offering an open software development architecture. The HCD5220 LinuxLink provides features that are well aligned with the needs of Mercury customers in defense and industrial applications.

With support for Linux kernel version 2.6.26, LinuxLink HCD5220 customers can enjoy many of the new features of the latest Linux code, take advantage of ability to build a variety of Linux-based products that include a high-performance computing module for sensor-networked environments, and achieve a fast Linux product design and implementation cycle.

The HCD5220 LinuxLink includes full support for onboard resources, including:

  • Internal and external Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
  • serial RapidIO
  • ANSI-compliant system management

The HCD5220 LinuxLink solution is sold directly by Mercury, as part of its MultiCore Plus® comprehensive set of software solutions available for the platform. Mercury HCD5220 LinuxLink customers receive technical support and package updates directly from Timesys’ Linux experts.

 Learn more about the new Mercury HCD5220 LinuxLink.
 Try the LinuxLink development framework, and see how easy it will be for you to configure and build your custom Linux platform with the Factory intelligent embedded Linux build system.

squares  LinuxLink support now available for Atmel SAM9G10 and SAM9G45 processors

Timesys has recently added LinuxLink support for the AT91SAM9G10 and AT91SAM9G45 from Atmel. Not only is LinuxLink flexible and easy to use, more importantly, SAM9G10 and SAM9G45 LinuxLink customers leverage the benefits of having access to recent open source aligned Linux components, including the recent 2.6.30 Linux kernel.

The following reference board device drivers have been enabled for Linux kernel version 2.6.30:

  Board/Driver SAM9G10-EK SAM9G45-EK
  NAND Flash
  Power Mgmt
  SD card
  USB Device
  USB Host

 Learn more about LinuxLink support for popular Atmel processors.
 Try the LinuxLink development framework, and see how easy it will be for you to configure and build your custom Linux platform with the Factory intelligent embedded Linux build system.

squares  Embedded Planet selects Timesys for AMC card

Embedded Planet has chosen Timesys to provide a comprehensive Linux solution for their EP8572A dual-core PowerPC Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC). The AMC board ships with a preinstalled Linux image from Timesys and is complemented by a “Development Center” CD that provides the user with access to a wide range of Linux resources, including a free trial subscription to the LinuxLink software development framework.

 Learn more about the new Embedded Planet EP8572A LinuxLink.
 Try the LinuxLink development framework, and see how easy it will be for you to configure and build your custom Linux platform with the Factory intelligent embedded Linux build system.

squares  Middleware/package Updates in the Factory

The following middleware/packages have been updated in the Timesys Factory:

  • Application – openssh 5.2p1
  • Networking – samba 3.0.36
  • Multimedia – mpg123-1.9.0
  • System – busybox 1.14.3
  • and more

The complete list of updates can be accessed at

 Learn more about Timesys’ intelligent Factory automated embedded Linux build system.
 Access Timesys Factory (subscription required).



squares  Overcoming the challenges of embedded Linux product development

Maciej Halasz, Director of Product Management at Timesys, explains the issues that developers encounter when building Linux-based platforms in his latest article titled, “Overcoming the challenges of embedded Linux product development.” The article, which was recently published by Embedded Computing Design appears both in print and online.

 To find out why using the latest Linux code can resolve issues that arise, read Overcoming the challenges of embedded Linux product development online.


squares  How to Use USB Gadget File Storage

This document will help you navigate throught the task of allowing a target embedded device to appear as a USB Mass Storage device to a host system by using the g_file_storage driver. It allows you to choose either a block device(such as a hard drive, MTD partition, or flash card) or a backing file to act as the backing storage for this device.

 View the entire How to Use USB Gadget File Storage doc (subscription required).
 View a sampling of the documentation available to LinuxLink subscribers.

squares  New Timesys Webinar Series: Building an embedded medical device using the Texas Instruments Zoom OMAP35x Development Kit from Logic with LinuxLink 3.0

This webinar series began on August 31, however it is not too late to register for the remaining two sessions.

This exciting hands-on webinar series will demonstrate how open source technology can be harnessed to build an embedded medical device using one of the powerful OMAP-3530 processors from Texas Instruments. All sessions will provide information and practical exercises using Logic’s Zoom OMAP35x Development Kit.

The Linux platform assembled for the medical device will introduce the use of Qt/Embedded for Linux framework and result in a demo-ready medical device that has a graphical user interface which is controlled by a touch screen displayed on the attached LCD. The final product will be deployed in NAND flash and will autoboot on the reference board.

As with all Timesys webinars, this product webinar series will stick to the technical facts — with no sales or marketing pitches. This webinar series is free to attend. All attendees will receive free evaluation access to LinuxLink.

 View the session descriptions, and register for sessions 2 and 3 of this webinar series.
 View other Timesys webinars.

To learn more about LinuxLink subscriptions and how they can reduce the time to market for your next embedded Linux project, visit


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