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Timesys Linux Board Enablement Program

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Get Your Hardware “LinuxLinked!”

As a hardware vendor, you know Linux is gaining momentum and quickly becoming the dominant OS for embedded devices. Your customers expect you to provide adequate support for Linux so they can get Linux up and running on their development board, evaluate various peripherals and make sure the board performs as expected.

However, providing this support is not easy. You build excellent hardware, but it can be a struggle to meet your customers’ needs for:

  • A great, out-of-the-box experience with Linux that includes free, working board support packages and matching software development kits (BSPs / SDKs),
  • Support for multiple kernel versions — the latest as well as older ones,
  • All the necessary device drivers and packages supported across these kernels,
  • Sources for Linux components including kernel, packages and libraries, bootloaders and more,
  • Demo code for showcasing hardware features and capabilities,
  • Comprehensive documentation,
  • Man power and the expertise to trouble-shoot issues and
  • Commercial Linux options.

This is where Timesys can help. We have a program just right for you.

Join the Timesys Linux Enablement Program, and get your hardware “LinuxLinked.”

Whether you want Linux BSPs developed for your boards or want to offer your customers easy-to-use, proven embedded Linux development tools, the Timesys Linux Enablement Program can provide you with a solution that will fit your needs. With the Timesys Linux Enablement Program, you can choose to:

  • Engage with the Timesys Professional Services team — offload the task of making Linux BSPs available for your board so you can focus on developing hardware and bring products to market faster.
    • We can create Board Support Packages (BSPs) for your custom hardware. Our services range from advisory support to BSP creation and can include ongoing maintenance.
  • Have LinuxLink enabled on your boards and provide your customers with an award-winning Linux development framework so they can successfully build embedded Linux products.

    With LinuxLink enabled for your board, your customers will have free access to the industry’s most easy-to-use, innovative cloud-based offering and will be able to:

    • Download and/or quickly and easily build custom Linux BSPs / SDKs (even newbies!),
    • Access 1000s of open source packages tested by Timesys to work together,
    • Receive first line of support for build issues,
    • Download a 30-day, free license for our TimeStorm IDE to develop their application proofs of concept,
    • Access demo code for a seamless, out-of-the box Linux experience,
    • Optionally purchase a commercial support package that provides access to live expert support, enabling fast turnaround service for troubleshooting issues — whenever they arise, and
    • Rely on an experienced, proven team for professional services when they need it.

Why Timesys?

Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a proven and award-winning embedded Linux software development framework that has been used for more than 1000 embedded Linux projects. We provide free, pretested and integrated Linux software, tools and code for hundreds of processors and boards.

  • We are Linux software experts — just check out our marquee customer base.
  • With an extensive menu of professional services, we are experts at building BSPs — and more — across all popular processor architectures.
  • We have mature relationships with all the leading semiconductor and board vendors.
  • Our focus on ease-of-use and high-quality support at the industry’s most affordable price point aligns us with the broadest customer base.
  • We’re a software company, so we are well adapted at building, maintaining, and supporting Linux and Linux software development tools.
  • We can support proprietary software in LinuxLink (graphics drivers, custom code, etc.); we’re not limited to supporting only open source tools.

Interested? Just fill out the short from below, and we will reach out to you to provide you with more details.