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About Timesys

Established in 1995 and with headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Timesys Corporation is a pioneer and industry leader among embedded Linux companies. We have supplied leading-edge Linux products and services to more than one thousand customers / embedded developers targeting Linux as their go-to-market platform.

Timesys represents a unique combination of both breadth and depth of experience. Over the years, we have supported eight architectures, more than 100 different application processors and SOCs and more than 150 different hardware platforms — with more being added as the market evolves.

Timesys was founded by principals affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University to develop and market embedded operating system technology for devices requiring time-critical behavior. During our initial eight years, we made major contributions to the embedded industry by being the first to develop and maintain a real-time embedded Linux distribution, the first to register Carrier Grade Linux (CGL), and the first to deliver to the open source community a commercial-grade embedded Linux development framework (LinuxLink). Today, we continue to contribute to the embedded community, with Timesys recently being the first to develop and deliver an award-winning, automated, intelligent embedded Linux build system (Factory).

LinuxLink empowers developers to rapidly and efficiently create their own commercial-grade custom Linux platform. The continuously updated, cross-compiled components and information offered through LinuxLink are aggregated from the open source community, semiconductor manufacturers and Timesys and are hosted by Timesys for easy access over the Internet.

Timesys products and services have been used across many industries including medical, automotive, telecommunications, industrial control/process automation, military/aerospace, and consumer electronics. Within these varied industries, Timesys has served more than one thousand customers whose satisfaction reflects our commitment to delivering complete Linux-based products and services along with high-quality, in-depth, responsive technical support.

Have questions about any of our embedded Linux offerings?

We’ be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information about how we can help you tailor a solution that best fits your embedded Linux development needs. To contact us, please fill out our online form, email or call us at 1.888.432.8463 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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