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Timesys’ embedded Linux solutions and services enable engineering teams to deliver high-quality, differentiated, open source Linux-based products in a predictable, consistent and timely manner.

We provide the industry’s most affordable and easy to try, buy and use commercial embedded Linux offerings which include:

  • a software repository,
  • development tools,
  • expert commercial support,
  • professional services and
  • customized training.

You never have to deal with expensive, complex products, restrictive contracts and unresponsive support. Just ask our customers.

Are you looking to build embedded devices in-house?

Timesys’ LinuxLink offering scales to match the development needs and experience profile of your engineering team.

  • Use the cloud-based, LinuxLink to easily build a custom BSP / SDK, benchmark your hardware and evaluate multiple architectures for one of the hundreds of embedded processors and boards supported by Timesys.
  • Simplify and speed up the code, edit, debug cycle of application development with the TimeStorm Eclipse-based IDE.
  • Optionally purchase a support contract so Timesys can quickly assist with build and runtime issues that frequently delay embedded Linux software projects. Support is available for both Timesys LinuxLink / Factory and Yocto Project build systems. In addition, Timesys will provide free seats of TimeStorm with every purchase.

Are you looking to shorten time-to-market by outsourcing foundational work?

Utilize our “just in time” professional services.

Let us perform the foundational details of building and deploying applications — so you can focus on differentiated application development.

Everything You Need to Generate a Custom, Open, Free Embedded Linux Distribution

Embedded development is hard because there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Almost every embedded project requires you to customize both hardware and software to leverage the latest in processor technology and build a competitive offering.

When you combine the need for customization with the growing adoption of Linux for embedded devices with the shortage of embedded engineers having Linux experience, it’s clear that overcoming complexity and time-to-market issues is critical to the success of your project, even your company.

Timesys’ LinuxLink offerings, commercial support, professional dervices and customized training help companies adopt Linux by addressing the complexity, Linux expertise and time-to-market challenges.

The Life of a Linux Developer
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