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Embedded Linux Build System

Creating just the right Linux platform or BSP / SDK for your embedded Linux project is critical to build products that meet your performance, file size, flexibility and continued supportability goals. Traditionally, this has been a non-trivial task because embedded Linux developers only had two extreme choices for building a custom platform: build from scratch (roll your own) or build by stripping down from a pre-built distribution. Timesys Factory Custom Platform Builder provides a solution that combines the best of both of these approaches.

  • Build from Scratch (roll your own) — While this approach provides maximum flexibility and control, it is the most risky because it requires extensive Linux experience and a lot of time to ensure everything works not just today but in the future as well.
  • Build by ‘Stripping Down’ from a Pre-built Distribution — Developers purchase or acquire a pre-built distribution from one of many sources and then customize it to suit their needs. No Linux distribution installs every package that you want and in all cases, they install many unneeded packages too, thus taking up excess disk space. As a result, developers have to spend a lot of time removing/adding software from these distributions to make them just right for their particular application. This ‘stripping down’ approach is time consuming and creates the well-known ‘dependency hell’ and time drain in making all the new combinations of software work. In addition, in the case of commercial distributions, the vendors often restrict or limit support once the distributions have been customized.
  • Build “Bottom Up” with a Modular Platform BuilderTimesys Factory is based on a modular ‘bottoms up’ architecture that ensures you won't install the software and libraries you don't need to begin with. Factory provides easy-to-use, modular building blocks that result in flexibility and enables you to quickly build just the right platform or BSP / SDK — without the complexity and time involved in both ‘the roll your own’ scenario and the stripping down of a large distribution.


embedded Linux build system workflow

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Factory™ Platform Builder Benefits

  • Easily build custom BSPs / SDKs or distributions — While there are many open source options for building platforms and/or BSPs / SDKs, most are either easy, or flexible, but not both. Timesys Factory combines ease-of-use with a highly modular architecture to enable developers to successfully build custom platforms or BSPs / SDKs in hours.
  • Efficient — Start small, build up. Start small with kernel, toolchain, minimal RFS and then add just the packages you need. This approach is much simpler than ‘stripping down’ and far easier to build, test and debug.
  • Extensible — Easily customize your software stack by adding external software such as packages, device drivers, libraries and your application code to your platform alike.
  • Reproducible, consistent builds from source — Factory allows developers to consistently recreate old builds for the purpose of regression testing and incremental development.
  • Easy to integrate into an existing environment — Factory uses all the common Linux commands (make, shell scripts, etc), so it can be easily incorporated into a larger build system. Additionally, Factory can fetch code from any source including file servers and version control systems.
Factory™ Platform Builder Features

Build from Sources


Provides maximum flexibility and customization

Integrate Custom Applications


Add custom applications easily to RFS or your platform

Advice Engine


Goes beyond identifying dependencies to analyze your configuration, identify possible problems, and often suggest a corrective action

Update Engine


Automatically push relevant updates info and successfully integrate updates

Industry-standard Components


Uses community standard, familiar software infrastructure (kconfig and make)

Support for All Architectures


ARM, Power, MIPS, x86, etc.

Support for Various
C Libraries


uClibc, glibc, eglibc, klibc

Interface Choice


Powerful combination of both command line and GUI wizard provide maximum ease of use and flexibility

Package Management


Choose from popular package managers (RPM, DEB as well as tar balls)

Timesys Source Code Repository


Access to old versions available even if removed from upstream

Team Development


Create an installable SDK with your custom toolchain

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