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Hunting and gathering packages and ensuring they work together is one of the most time-consuming aspects of open source embedded device development. Timesys LinuxLink eliminates the complex-task of determining package dependencies and ensuring a selection of software works together so you can focus on building your custom application.

Timesys maintains more than 1000 packages in its repository. Each package is pulled from its upstream project, making the latest fixes and enhancements available to customers. Our automated update notification service notifies users when packages they have included in their builds are updated. This selective notification ensures that relevant update information is not lost in a mass of irrelevant update notices. As with the toolchain, older versions may be selected in the Factory for those customers not ready to upgrade

LinuxLink packages and libraries offer the following benefits:

  • Simplifies the package selection process
  • Provides flexibility in customizing the Root File System to your product requirements
  • Pre-integrated software using Timesys LinuxLink reduces the integration risk and saves time
  • Reduces the risk associated with building a robust RFS; Don't waste time stumbling through hidden package/library dependencies
  • Avoids the common pitfalls of selecting the wrong packages and libraries
  • Saves time in researching license obligations
  • Accelerates the development of common embedded product features, such as web services or streaming media


LinuxLink Packages & Libraries Features

Extensive collection


More than 1000 libraries and packages obtained from various open source project and commercial software partners

Pre-tested configurations


Select suites of packages grouped, integrated and tested for common embedded applications

Pre-built Recipes


Recipes for "certified" commercial packages

Package Analytics


Built-in package analysis, including dependency checks and size estimates

Package Recommendations


Recommendations based on Timesys experience, expertise, and user popularity

Package Details


Clearly stated origins, revisions, and licensing for each LinuxLink hosted package

Package details


Build packages individually or within a root file system

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