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LinuxLink Development Center for Intel® Atom™ processor

From this page, you can find everything you need to help you with your development process — from setting up your development environment, to learning how to customize your Linux platform. And, you’ll find links to help you with your application development — ranging from BlueZ for WiFi and codecs for media playback — to leveraging graphics acceleration with rich user interface graphic frameworks, such as GStreamer, Qt Embedded for Linux and X Window System.


Timesys Embedded Linux Solutions for Intel® Atom™ Processor

Timesys Android™ BSP for Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-I CRB

Timesys has partnered with Intel® to provide Android™ services for Intel® Atom™ Processor E38XX. A reference Android Board Support Package (BSP) for the Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-1 CRB (Bayley Bay EV/CRB) is available in both installable and source forms, enabling customers to jump start their Android experience on Intel® Atom™ processors.

Android BSP for Intel Atom Bay Trail Bayley Bay

Timesys’ Android™ BSP for Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-I CRB (Baley Bay EV/CRB) download is free with registration via our Android BSP for Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail-I CRB Registration page.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc. The Android Robot logo is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license.

Mainstream Linux Distribution for Intel® Atom™ Processor

Timesys offers an out-of-the-box custom Fedora® Remix (Fedora BSP) that has been tailored to leverage all hardware features of the Intel® Atom™ processor, including accelerated graphics.

The Timesys Fedora® based installer download is free with registration. To register, visit

Current Intel® Atom™ reference platforms and supported Timesys Fedora Remix Installer versions are listed, below.

  • E38xx (formerly Bay Trail) — version 18
  • D2550/NM10 (formerly Cedar Rock) — version 14
  • E660/EG20T (formerly Crown Bay) — version 14, 11
  • D2500CC (formerly Canoe Creek) — version 14
  • Marshall Town DN2800MT — version 14
  • Norco MITX-6930 — version 14

Fedora is in no way affiliated with Timesys. For more information on Fedora, see Inquiries regarding the Timesys Fedora Remix Installer should be directed to Timesys.

To access Timesys' embedded Linux development resources:

  1. Register for a free account.
  2. Login to your LinuxLink account.
  3. Follow the workflow steps as outlined in the illustration, below.

Get Commercial Support for All Issues

download a BSP for your development board build and deploy custom BSP image customize a BSP image get additional embedded Linux training bring your embedded Linux project to custom hardware

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3. Debug & Customize

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Download a pre-built starting point (pre-built BSP/SDK template).

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& boot issues.

View ‘5 Steps to Building Your Custom BSP / SDK with Timesys’.

Assemble and build a custom BSP / SDK.

Deploy the image (refer to the instructions in the Getting Started Guide for your development board).

Get support for build
& boot issues.

Use TimeStorm free for 30 days or

View the TimeStorm User’s Manual.


  • Build locally
  • Maximum control and customization of your platform and value-add application.
  • Support for all issues throughout all phases of development.

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View Request a complimentary, 30-minute consultation.


embedded Linux for Intel Atom processor

Vantron VT-SBC-BT35 (with Intel® Atom™ Processor E3845)

Intel Atom D/N2x00 with NM10

Image shown at left: Quanmax QBOX Mini-2000 series with Intel® Atom™ processor N2600 and Intel® NM10 Express Chipset development kit

Intel Atom E6XX with EG20T

Image shown at left: Intel® Atom™ processor E660 with Intel® Platform Controller Hub EG20T development kit

Intel Atom Z530 with US15W

RadiSys Procelerant™ Z514 (with Intel Atom Processor Z510)

embedded Linux packages and middleware View the complete list of available package sources from Timesys.


embedded Linux Getting Started videos

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Build Your Custom BSP/SDK: LinuxLink Web Edition Overview


embedded Linux help

Assemble a toolchain. Build a Linux kernel. Minimize the footprint. Learn how to work with Linux in your project.

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embedded Linux sample code

Use these samples to inspire development of your own great applications.

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porting VxWorks applications to Linux white paper


embedded Linux resources

View a rich collection of documentation, sample code, guides and articles categorized by technology.

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