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Embedded Linux Training

Timesys University training programs are designed to help you quickly and easily adopt embedded Linux and stay abreast of new developments and best practices. We deliver training that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, benefiting both new and experienced developers. Looking to jump start your embedded Linux project? We offer a jump-start program to help get you / your team up and running quickly.

Timesys’ Embedded Linux Training Offering

Timesys University Customized Training Courses

Timesys provides customized, on-site and/or on-line training courses that benefit all developers — from the beginner to the experienced. Our training ranges from focused one-day sessions to comprehensive multiple-day sessions. Timesys University Training Courses include a combination of classroom lecture and hands-on exercises, enabling attendees to immediately apply the lessons to actual development.

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Timesys University Local Edition

Partner-collaborated, full-day, on-site & hands-on, embedded Linux training workshops designed to help developers shorten their learning curve for building embedded Linux devices. Timesys University Local Edition workshops focus on building an embedded Linux device around popular processors and their associated development kits.

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Timesys University Online Edition

Through a series of 1-hour, online sessions, you will learn how to easily create, manage and maintain your custom Linux-based application using Timesys tools, support and technology. These complimentary embedded Linux training programs highlight how we can help you build custom embedded Linux based devices that leverage the features of popular processors and their associated development kits.

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Timesys Embedded Linux Jump Start Service

To help you (and your team) get productive in a hurry, we’ve tailored a program — the Timesys Jump Start Service — through which a Timesys engineer will deliver a two-day customized training with hands-on exercises based on your application requirements.

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Embedded Linux Development Resources

As a means to educate the industry on various embedded Linux topics, Timesys regularly produces and distributes on-demand training materials, including “HowTo” videos and webinars. In addition we that you can use to customize your own demo.

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Timesys YouTube Channel

The Timesys YouTube Channel hosts a range of videos — from “HOWTO” demos that provide help with common embedded Linux tasks to videos that feature demo applications built with Timesys tools.

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Want to join the Timesys training team?

If you have experience in embedded Linux and are interested in being a training instructor for Timesys, then we’d like to hear from you!

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Have training needs you’d like to discuss?

We’d be happy to discuss how our Timesys University Training programs can help you shorten the learning curve and reduce risk. For more information, please fill out our online form, email or call us at 1.888.432.8463 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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