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Factory(TM) Platform Builder Architecture

You can use the Timesys Factory Platform Builder to build a reference BSP / SDK or a complete embedded distribution — with equal ease.

The Factory Platform Builder consists of the following modules:

Timesys Factory embedded Linux platform builder


Factory is a powerful and innovative build system that provides several unique tools and features to provide developers maximum ease, control and flexibility in developing their embedded platforms and BSPs / SDKs alike.

Build Engine   Update Engine

in-the-cloud embedded Linux build system

Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Factory is the only build system on the market to offer an easy-to-use web-based GUI that helps developers of all experience levels easily and quickly perform tasks such as building and booting a custom Linux image.

desktop-based embedded Linux build system

Desktop-based command line and text UI

The industry-standard UI that most developers are familiar with and which provides maximum control and flexibility while coding.

Timesys embedded Linux source code repository

Timesys Source Code Repository

Timesys hosts a complete source code repository to provide its customers predictable and consistent access to latest open source software releases and upgrades — without having to visit many different web sites. In addition, Timesys maintains your custom code repository so that you always have access to your code locally.

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