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Factory(TM) Build Engine

The Factory build engine provides a framework for building platforms that incorporates development best practices as well as easy-to-use extension points for adaptability.

Key features of the Factory build engine:

Standards based

The build engine is based on community standard Linux utilities such as make, cmake, qmake, and autoconf tools. This gives users the benefits of being able to extend the Factory as required, without being “locked out” by proprietary tools.

Modular platform builder

Build up rather than strip down. Factory’ architecture is based on a ‘bottoms up’ approach that ensures you’ll only install the software and libraries you need. Factory provides easy-to-use, modular building blocks, enabling you to quickly build just the right distribution or BSP / SDK without the complexity and time involved in both ‘the roll your own’ scenario and the stripping down of a large distribution.

Build from sources

Factory allows you to build from sources to get the dual benefits of ownership (complete customization and ability to fix bugs) and traceability (the ability to determine origin of sources, changes, and easier compliance with any redistribution clauses).


Easily add support for new packages, technologies and processors with the many hooks Factory exposes to build scalable products.

RFS assessment before you start your build

Factory validates your root file system (RFS), saving you time that would otherwise be wasted on building an unsuitable RFS.

Build repeatability

By maintaining exact version information, Factory ensures build repeatability, making any platform changes easily identifiable and traceable.

Validated toolchain component combinations

With Factory you also have the ability to further customize your toolchain.

Frequent updates

To stay within one or two versions of the community, Timesys regularly performs updates to both kernel and toolchains. We also perform regular updates to stay current with semiconductor-provided kernels. Packages are reviewed for updates and additions on a regular weekly schedule.

Support for fully automated, unattended builds

Factory’s support for fully automated, unattended builds gives you the ability to integrate Factory with your custom enterprise software/nightly builds.

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