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The GNU toolchain included in Timesys LinuxLink provides the complete collection of programming tools needed for application and operating system development.

Timesys toolchains are built directly from sources from the GCC project, enabling us to provide developers with the latest stable version. Before releasing a new version, Timesys verifies that every package in the repository builds without fatal error. For compatibility, Timesys maintains older versions and our Factory build system enables the user to choose any version they require.

The Timesys LinuxLink Toolchain:

  • Avoids proprietary licensing or version locking.
  • Includes binary version to get you started immediately.
  • Offers flexibility to select a root file system architecture based on your product requirements.
  • Makes it easy to build a repeatable and distributable development environment.
  • Lets you begin debugging your prototype applications on day one.


LinuxLink Toolchain Features

All toolchain components

GNU cross compiler, linker, C libraries and debugger


Recent cross toolchain properly configured for your processor.

Multiple libraries

Support for multiple C libraries (glibc, µClibc, and eglibc).


Properly configured gdb with host and target utilities.

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