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We provide a wide range of embedded software development services that spans from performing the foundational details of building and deploying an application — to modifying a bootloader to ensure a fail-safe boot. Whether you have a small team of engineers, need additional proven Linux “know how” or have a tight deadline, we can provide the additional engineering resources your team sometimes requires.

Timesys Professional Services Includes:

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Design Review and Consulting

Timesys has more than 20 years of experience with real-time OS and embedded Linux, with our RTOS experience including MQX, DSPs and bare metal. Our team of software engineers has full embedded Linux life cycle expertise beginning with requirements analysis and system architectures through code development and integration testing. Through an efficient design review, we can help you to explore the engineering feasibility of your design, identify and reduce technology risks, and evaluate design choices that will impact your hardware or software design costs and project schedule.

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Jump Start Service

A Timesys engineer will work with your engineer(s) for two days to set up the development environment, help bring up the development kit, and provide customized training based on your application requirements.

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Kernel, Bootloader and Device Driver Development & Porting

Utilize our years of expertise in kernel porting, customizations and debugging, including support for multicore platforms. In addition, we have extensive expertise with bootloader modifications, custom and new bootloader development, and fail-safe boot as well as expertise in writing device drivers for Audio, USB, networking, peripherals, System-on-Chip, and custom FPGA hardware.

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Board Bring Up

We can help with custom board bring up for a variety of architectures including ARM, Power, x86 and more. Our board bring up services range from setting up and booting the board from NAND, SD card, emcc, etc. — to setting up the kernel and optimizing for various devices and peripherals.

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Application Development

Timesys Professional Services can assist you throughout the software development life cycle. We offer requirement gathering, spec definition, design, review, development, porting and testing.

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UI / Qt

Leverage our expertise in UI design, development and optimization on embedded Linux platforms. Our UI services offering can assist you in jump starting your project or in providing a complete turnkey solution using popular open source technologies such as Qt.

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Video, Audio (GStreamer)

Rely on Timesys Professional Services to help you with multimedia applications that require audio and video playback. Our service offering includes hardware acceleration, driver modifications, encoding and decoding streams for video and display, and in open source multimedia frameworks including GStreamer.

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Camera / IPU

Timesys can help you with camera interface development. Our professional services capabilities include integration of MPI video cameras, USB camera encoding and decoding, device driver modifications, integration of hardware acceleration into streaming, audio video pipeline, support for H.264 … and more.

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Boot Time Optimization

From analyzing your system and making recommendations, to implementing a solution — we offer professional services to help you with all aspects of reducing the system boot time of your product. Our boot time optimization solutions include both methods using open source technologies as well as a commercial solution for those requiring extremely fast boot times.

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Power Management Optimization

Our Professional Services team can help you with all aspects of reducing the power consumption of your product. We can analyze your design to determine where power is being consumed as well as implement recommended optimizations.

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System Development

Our services offering for system development can help you resolve hardware integration issues, adopt your BSP to custom hardware and develop your value-add application. In addition, we have extensive expertise with power management and boot time optimizations.

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Android Porting & Development

Timesys Corporation Professional Services offers both Evaluation and Design services for Android. Our team will analyze your product requirements and make recommendations based on your teams’ Android and Linux experience. In addition, we can help you with all aspects of your Android design, from setup and configuration of the Android development environment, to providing a complete, turnkey solution.

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Timesys is a Technology partner of the Qt Company
Timesys is a Yocto Project Participant

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