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Timesys Commercial Embedded Linux Support

Building an embedded device based on open source Linux isn’t easy. As processing power and the demand for feature-rich applications increases, so does software complexity. Are you prepared to troubleshoot the issues that will undoubtedly arise? Do you have a Linux expert on your team on whom you can depend for support?

Timesys is a Yocto Project Participant


In 2015, 62% of all embedded projects finished late or were canceled.*

*2015 UBM Electronics Embedded Markets Study

As a recent embedded markets study indicates, the level of engineering expertise combined with the decline in team sizes has contributed to the tendency for a project to fail. That’s why having a commercial Linux partner on which you can depend when issues arise or when you need additional engineering expertise is so important when building an embedded Linux based device.

Rely on Timesys to provide you with project-based commercial support when you need it.

Do you need help with customizing your BSP or troubleshooting why touchscreen won’t work? Or could you benefit from source code management advice or recommendations for filesystem optimizations? Having access to responsive support when issues like these arise can enable you to mitigate technical risks and schedule delays.

Timesys offers project-based commercial support contracts. When you engage with us, you have access to expert engineering support to help you at any phase of your product development. Whether you’re using the Timesys Factory build system or building your device based on Yocto Project standards, we can help you troubleshoot issues whenever they arise. Think of Timesys as an extension of your engineering team, and let us take on the burden of providing the support your project requires.

having Timesys commercial support can give you peace of mind throughout all phases of your product development

Need expert responsive support for your embedded Linux development?

Rely on our Linux expertise to help you mitigate development delays and get your product to market in the shortest time possible. For more information about our project-based commercial Support offering, fill out our online form, contact us or call us at 1.866.392.4897 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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