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LinuxLink Custom Notifications and Update Service

The LinuxLink custom notification and update service provides you with an easy and efficient way to track relevant updates and integrate patches into your device software.

Track Relevant Updates and CVE for Your Build

As a LinuxLink customer, you’ll receive regular email update notifications alerting you to updates for only the software components used in your particular configuration. And because LinuxLink makes use of a common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) manager that was developed by Timesys engineering to continuously monitor vulnerabilities databases and security mailing lists, you can leverage the custom notification service to also inform you of any discovered vulnerabilities that are specific to your device, thus eliminating the time spent monitoring CVE yourself.

The notification will include package update information and information about any relevant security patches, along with a link to the build info page from where you can click on a CVE link to find out more about it.

LinuxLink update notification

Integrate Updates and Patches with Confidence

With the LinuxLink update service, it’s easy to apply updates and security patches into your software, and you remain in control of what gets updated.

From the build info page, you fork the build and select the only updates you want to accept; LinuxLink does not force you to update. And by forking the build, your old configuration remains in the build history — enabling you to upgrade with confidence.

Timesys' LinuxLink is Yocto Project Compatible
Fork your LinuxLink build and select the package and CVE updates you want to make

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