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LinuxLink Embedded Linux development offering supports Renesas Electronics MS7724

Co-development by Timesys and Lineo

Tokyo, – August 30, 2010Lineo Solutions, Inc. (“Lineo” HQ: Shiojiri, Nagano, Japan President & CEO Kenji FUTATSUGI) and Timesys Corporation in U.S.A (hereinafter called Timesys, President and CEO Atul Bansal), provider of industry-leading embedded Linux solutions announced that Timesys LinuxLink starts supporting SuperH Microprocessor SH7724 (of Renesas Electronics Corporation.

“SH7724” is an application processor running at maximum operating frequency 500MHz, SH-4A core. It is universally adopted to various display terminals including One seg-enabled automotive navigation system and PND (Personal Navigation Device).

Support newly launched by Timesys is to provide embedded Linux developers with integrated build environment and tools to fully utilize Linux on MS7724 development platform.

Mr. Satoshi MASUDA, Senior Manager of Mobile Product Marketing Department, Renesas Electronics Corporation said, “We’ve shipped MS7724 300units this year already. Many our customers have been developing or shipping embedded products with SH7724. It enables you to easily develop system that utilizes built-in multimedia function such as display, image, sound, Ether, USB/SD etc of SH7724 by the LinuxLink support. I believe that it will allow many customers to develop highly-functional products promptly by utilizing Lineo’s experience of Linux system development over many years together.”

Mr. Kenji Futatsugi, President&CEO of Lineo Solutions, Inc. said, “The announcement is our latest achievement which was developed by Timesys and Lineo strategic partnership. Both companies have promoted selling each other’s products to a wide range of customers and its related development steadily by the alliance starting from May 2008. We expect that MS7724 subscription will be adopted widely especially by customers in Japan.”

Mr. Atul Bansal, CEO of Timesys Corporation said, “Together, Timesys and Lineo continue to deliver the industry’s most easy-to-use and affordable embedded Linux solutions that help customers dramatically reduce the time to bring embedded devices to market. We are delighted at the success of this strategic partnership in addressing the embedded Linux needs of the Japanese market and look forward to continuing the momentum.”

Main specifications of LinuxLink and MS7724

LinuxLink is the industry’s most affordable web and desktop -based service for Linux developers and includes expert, live support. A comprehensive suite of software, various tools, and documents that are required for embedding developed Linux into products are available. It’s widely available to beginners as well as experts of embedded Linux development helping them reduce the uncertainty and complexity involved in embedded Linux development.

Features of MS7724 Subscription

  • Linux Kernel: Version
  • gcc-4.4.4
  • binutils-2.20.1
  • glibc-2.11, uClibc-
  • Peripheral drivers for touch screen, audio etc are available.
  • MatchBox, LCD, TouchPanel packages, etc.

For full list of device drivers, Linux packages, middleware and utility etc, you can refer to MS7724 Development Center.

Release Date

August 30

Sales Price

From 1,170,000JPY / subscription

Timesys Corporation

Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a high-productivity software development framework for embedded Linux applications. The LinuxLink framework includes the Linux kernel, cross-toolchain, application development IDE, an award-winning build system called Factory, a vast library of middleware packages, software stacks and libraries, documentation and expert technical support. LinuxLink enables development teams to consistently build and maintain a custom, open source embedded Linux platform through regularly updated Linux sources, proven middleware packages, and a scriptable GNU-based build environment. LinuxLink reduces the time, resources, risk and cost associated with building a product based on open source Linux. For more information, visit https://www.timesys.com.

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Lineo Solutions, Inc.

With a core technology in embedded Linux operating systems, Lineo provides embedded solution such as cross development environment (Lineo uLinux ELITE), software, and professional services etc. Our embedded solution makes your embedded product development easier and enables to achieve faster time-to-market by shortening development time.

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