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Our Expertise

Cloud-Powered Apps

We design cloud-powered mobile and backend services to deliver rich and robust app performance using server-side auto scaling, push notifications, offline sync, access to on-premises data and more.

We can deliver cloud-powered apps using microservice architecture running open source (Cloud Foundry / OpenShift), making it cloud infrastructure agnostic.

Mobile Application with Multimodal Interaction Including Voice

Timesys has expertise in designing apps with user input from keyboard, voice or scanners within the same application and with the ability of the user to choose the modality interchangeably.

We can also design applications having only voice-based interactions — thus, enabling “hands and eyes free” operation — using Google Now™, Apple® Siri® or Nuance™ APIs.

Add-On Services We Offer

Third-Party Security Validations

Through this service, we help you obtain security validation from trusted, independent third-party sources.

Providing the user, process and system attribution to events happening on the network is critical to identifying security risks and achieving industry compliance. We can help you with third-party product integration and enabling the connection of network security analytics with endpoint visibility.

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