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Test and Measurement

Providing Performance, Reliability, and Security for Smart Benchmarking Solutions

Optimized, real-time performance. System integration with various sensors, meters, probes, etc. Optimized Human-to-Machine Interface (HMI). Secure, remote access and responsive UI. IoT. These are just some of the benefits and use cases Timesys addresses with its test and measurement customers with products and systems used to benchmark others’ performance.

Timesys’ Software Engineering Services excel in addressing remote mobile access, networked devices, and integrated systems — from the BSP to the app and UI — regardless of whether or not Linux or Android is employed. Furthermore, Timesys’ Development Environment simplifies ongoing security vulnerability notification and patches, field updates, and OS maintenance.

Completed Projects

  • Handhelds
  • Fixed Configuration with touch panels
  • Chassis with remote panels

Areas of Expertise

  • Software optimization for terminals — responsive UI
  • BSP customization and optimization
  • Cross-platform custom embedded and mobile applications integration (native technologies in C/C ++, Qt, HTML5, Node.js, Django, Java, Microsoft.NET)
  • Connectivity (WiFi, BT, GPS, 3G, etc.)
  • Security — BSP hardening, vulnerability notification and patching, secure boot, firmware upgrade
  • Benchmarking, product testing, and integration testing

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