Timesys Embedded Linux Support for Freescale i.MX 6UltraLite Processor Available at Launch

Timesys will offer a range of support for the upcoming Freescale i.MX 6UltraLite applications processor. The offering will include Timesys’ award-winning LinuxLink, including Yocto Project support, various commercial support contract options, custom training options and a wide array of services ranging from porting to custom hardware to optimizing boot time. The comprehensive software and services offering will be immediately available to developers at the time of product launch.

The cost-efficient i.MX 6UltraLite processor will feature an ARM┬« Cortex┬«-A7 core and a variety of connectivity options. Advanced power management, robust security features, hardware tamper detection and rugged reliability — make this newest member of the versatile i.MX 6 series of applications processors ideal for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. With Timesys’ comprehensive embedded Linux support offering, developers can leverage the capabilities of i.MX 6UltraLite processor and design smarter and more secure devices for a variety of markets including consumer and industrial.

Timesys’ extensive expertise in supporting the i.MX 6 series, combined with the company’s ability to provide support for both Timesys Factory and Yocto Project build systems, will enable customers to hit the ground running and start development work on their projects immediately upon receiving their hardware.

With LinuxLink for i.MX 6UltraLite processor, developers will have access to hundreds of packages/middleware in the Timesys repository, enabling them to easily design custom Linux BSPs that provide a solid development environment for building value-add Linux applications. A full suite of tools is available for designing, building, debugging, optimizing, deploying, and maintaining commercial-grade software systems. In addition to software and development tools, i.MX 6UltraLite developers will also have access to Timesys’ complete array of professional services project-based commercial support and customized training, enabling them to significantly accelerate development schedules and reduce overall project costs.

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For comprehensive development resources, visit our Freescale i.MX 6 Series Development Center.

Timesys Expands Embedded Linux Offering to Include Support for Freescale QorIQ LS1021A Processor

Timesys has released its award-winning LinuxLink suite of tools and professional support Freescale QorIQ LS1021A processor, beginning with the TWR-LS1021A. This latest offering expands Timesys’ support for popular Freescale processors, which already includes several QorIQ based processor families.

The Timesys BSP has the latest support to match Freescale’s release for Linux kernel version 3.12 for QorIQ LS1021A.

The QorIQ TWR-LS1021A Tower system module features a dual ARM® Cortex®-A7 core processor, offers HDMI, SATA3 and USB3 connectors and includes support for secure boot. Timesys’ LinuxLink suite of tools enables developers to leverage the comprehensive level of security of the TWR-LS1021A and build devices for a range of applications that include IoT gateways and industrial controllers. Developers can customize their feature-rich application by choosing from the hundreds of packages/middleware offered through the award-winning LinuxLink Factory cloud-based and desktop-hosted build tools which facilitate the process of building and integrating a custom Linux platform.

In addition, Timesys offers commercial support to assist developers with build and runtime issues taking the risk out of getting Linux projects to market utilizing both Timesys Factory and Yocto Project build systems. For developers that need additional resources or just want to outsource development, Timesys offers a wide range of professional services, or can alternatively train software teams on embedded Linux to decrease the learning curve. Click on the links for more information on Timesys professional services, training capabilities and options, and consultation for your project.

Build a custom BSP / SDK or download a pre-built starting point for your TWR-LS1021A.

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For comprehensive development resources, visit our Freescale QorIQ LS1 Processor Development Center.

Timesys Releases Embedded Linux Support for Raspberry Pi 2

Timesys has released its award-winning LinuxLink offering for the Raspberry Pi 2. This latest release from Timesys reinforces the company’s commitment to bringing ease-of-use to open source developer communities.

The Raspberry Pi 2 is based on Broadcom’s new processor, the BCM2836, an SoC featuring four ARM cores. LinuxLink for Raspberry Pi 2 includes access to hundreds of packages/middleware, enabling developers to easily design custom Linux BSPs that leverage theBCM2836 SoC’s low-power multimedia architecture for graphics and image processing.

With LinuxLink for Raspberry Pi 2, developers building embedded Linux based devices around the popular community board have access to a full suite of tools available for designing, building, debugging, optimizing, deploying, and maintaining commercial-grade software systems. Included in this offering is Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE for application development that automates environment setup and kernel configuration and integrates various open source tools such as OProfile and LTTng as well as UI development frameworks such as Qt. Timesys also offers project-based commercial support that provides help with build and runtime issues, professional services and customized training for professionals who need to minimize risk and schedule delays.

Build a custom BSP / SDK or download a pre-built starting point for your Raspberry Pi 2.

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Raspberry Pi Development Center.

Additions and Updates in the Factory

Recent Factory additions include:


Version: 0.35-1
Category: Utilities
License: BSD
Description: The IJS package contains a library which implements a protocol for transmission of raster page images.


Version: 1.7.1-1
Category: Networking
License: GPLv3
Description: Free/Libre Near Field Communication (NFC) library. libnfc is a library which allows user space application access to NFC devices.


Version: 1.0-1
Category: Utilities
License: LGPLv2.1
Description: Liboop is a low-level event loop management library for POSIX-based operating systems. It supports the development of modular, multiplexed applications which may respond to events from several sources. It replaces the "select() loop" and allows the registration of event handlers for file and network I/O, timers and signals.


Version: 2012.1-1
Category: Utilities
License: Custom
Description: Qhull is a general dimension convex hull program that reads a set of points from stdin, and outputs the smallest convex set that contains the points to stdout. It also generates Delaunay triangulations, Voronoi diagrams, furthest-site Voronoi diagrams, and half-space intersections about a point.


Version: 5.4.2-1-1
Category: Networking
License: GPLv2
Description: The YATE project aims to be a fully featured software PBX.

Recent Factory updates include:


Version: 1.2.0-1
Category: Networking


Version: 5.13-1
Category: Utilities


Version: 5.4.1-22
Category: Graphics


Version: 2.25.2-1
Category: System


Version: 1.12.3-1
Category: Networking

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