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Commercial Linux Projects

Commercial Linux Projects are typically driven by a strategic need for a high-quality, controlled BSP which is sometimes required across multiple hardware platforms. Further, such projects seek services and support to ensure project schedules and reduce technical and business risks.

Timesys offers royalty-free, “truly open” Commercial Linux software with Support to OEMs, ODMs and BSP component manufacturers so they can address their strategic needs. Timesys’ Commercial Linux software is created and supported by Timesys as a custom BSP development, sourced from “cleaned” and updated open source repositories and developed with open-source-friendly tools. Timesys’ “commercial” embedded Linux distributions are unique in providing customers high quality software with lower costs, freedom and competitive advantage.

Commercial Linux projects that turn to Timesys benefit from:

  • Royalty-free commercial Linux distributions
  • Broad software and services portfolio — from tools, training and support, to development and integration services (e.g. BSP, HMI, Mobile, IoT, etc.)
  • Open-source-based development tools that are easier to use and more feature-rich vs. RYO or other “commercial Linux” tools
  • Custom BSP lifecycle management services
    • Security Management — CVE monitoring & automated updates
    • Maintenance Management — for automated updates, configured per build
  • Cloud-based “sandboxes” for custom, open-source-based BSPs — build, update, and/or test your entire system, without hardware

Want more information about Timesys’ open-source-friendly tools and cleaned source code repositories?

We’d be happy to discuss how Timesys’ development environment and tools are optimized to make Linux development easier, faster and more manageable. To contact us, simply fill out our online form, email us at or call us at 1.866.392.4897 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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