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Linux BSP Build Environments

Easy to Use. Optimized Workflows. Code Control.

For more than 15 years, Timesys has made open source, embedded Linux development easier and faster than alternative approaches. From simplifying the workflows within the build environment to optimizing the workflow throughout the software management lifecycle, Timesys’ open source development environments are focused on giving customers:

  • the freedom and broad capabilities of open source
  • the quality and control of commercial software
  • lower-cost implementations than either Roll Your Own open source or commercial Linux distributions

Traditionally, creating the right BSP/SDK for a specific embedded Linux project has been a significant task. Embedded Linux developers only had two extreme choices for building a custom platform:

  1. Build from scratch/Roll Your Own (which requires extensive Linux experience)
  2. Build by stripping down from a prebuilt distribution (which comes with software and library “baggage” that consume disk-space and hidden interdependencies)

Timesys’ Development Environment Workflow (using either Yocto Project Café or Factory) provides solutions that combine the best of both of these approaches.

Build “Bottom Up” with a Modular Platform Builder — the Timesys Approach

Taking the best of the two approaches above, Timesys’ BSP Development Flow is based on a modular “bottoms up” architecture that ensures you won’t install the software and libraries you don’t need. YOU select the software and libraries used for your application. Timesys’ BSP Development Flow provides easy-to-use modular building blocks that put you in control, providing flexibility and enabling you to quickly build just the right platform or BSP / SDK — without the complexity and time involved in both the Roll Your Own scenario and the stripping down of a large distribution.

Timesys BSP Development Flow

Timesys BSP development workflow

Timesys offers the following two open source build environments for embedded Linux BSPs:

Timesys Yocto Project Cafe Linux BSP build environment

An easy-to-use build environment for developing projects based on Yocto Project standards

Timesys Factory build environment

An easy-to-use, pre-standard environment originally developed by Timesys more than 11 years ago and continually enhanced since

Both Timesys Yocto Project Café and Timesys Factory provide the following benefits:

Easy to use

  • Easily build custom BSPs / SDKs or distributions via command line and GUI wizards. Reference BSPs, optimized workflows and “clean” source code repositories enable developers to build Linux BSPs without being Yocto Project or Linux gurus.


  • Start small, build up. Start small with kernel, toolchain, and minimal RFS. Then add just the packages you need. This approach is much simpler than ‘stripping down’ and far easier to build, test, and debug.


  • Easily customize your software stack by adding external software such as packages, device drivers, libraries, and your application code to your platform.

Reproducible, consistent builds from source

  • Timesys’ mirrored source code repositories provide access to old versions available — even if removed from upstream.


  • We offer support for all architectures: ARM, Power, MIPS, x86 and various C libraires: uClibc, glibc, eglibc, klibc

Easy security management

  • Receive notifications of vulnerabilities to your custom configuration so you can apply the necessary patches

Easy code management

  • Firmware update and package management (RPM, DEB as well as tar balls)

Easy environment integration

  • Support both continuous integration and source code control environments

Easy BSP / application integration

  • Compatible with Timesys TimeStorm IDE and Eclipse IDE


  • by Timesys services, support and training expertise

Need helping building an embedded Linux BSP / SDK?

Contact us regarding Timesys Yocto Project Café or Factory, or get a free 30 minute consultation session on how we can help develop part or all of your embedded Linux BSP for you. Just fill out the appropriate online form, email us at sales@timesys.com or call us at 1.866.392.4897 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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