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Timesys’ Yocto Project Café

Simpler, Easier, Faster Yocto Project-based BSP / SDKs.

Timesys Yocto Project Café is an open-source, embedded Linux, BSP build environment for development based on Yocto Project standards. Available in both cloud and desktop configurations, Yocto Project Café, coupled with Timesys Development Support, makes Yocto Project based development easy, efficient and fast.

Timesys’ Yocto Project Café Build Environment

Timesys’ Bakery

A cloud-based intuitive wizard for configuring Yocto BSPs without requiring knowledge of Yocto Project technology. Bakery is geared towards Yocto “newbies.” It makes the task of selecting software more intuitive without diving into the details of layers and recipes.


A web interface for configuring, modifying and running your builds incrementally. Toaster can use be used by a single user on a local machine, or by multiple users running on a server. Timesys’ Yocto Café preconfigures Toaster using your custom Bakery configuration and provides an easy-to-use installer.

Timesys’ Yocto Project Café Repository

A mirrored repository of the most widely-used layers by embedded devices. Timesys monitors security vulnerability databases and upstream sources, creates patches, and integrates the patches to the mirrored repository. These value-add activities reduce the BSP development team’s monitoring burden, as well as the time gap between patch availability and the next Yocto release. By default, both Timesys’ Bakery and preconfigured Toaster use the Timesys’ Yocto Project Café Repository.

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