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Timesys is an NXP Gold Partner

As an NXP Gold Partner, Timesys has the expertise needed to help you with software product engineering.

We can help you customize and secure your NXP Yocto BSP, develop and test applications on it, and keep it secure throughout its lifecycle.

20+ years of embedded development experience

1000+ projects in a wide range of industries

Comprehensive offerings portfolio; flexible solutions

Worked with Yocto, Timesys Factory, Buildroot, and LTIB

See how Timesys has helped NXP customers successfully bring products to market faster, with higher quality, and with stronger security

Industrial: Secure Boot

The manufacturer of industrial welders wanted to ensure all its installed devices in a customer’s factory could connect securely to its cloud using an IoT gateway that featured an Advantech SBC based on an NXP i.MX 6 Series processor. See how Timesys helped the company with its device security and cloud-based updating mechanism.

Consumer: IP Protection

The developer of a consumer product featuring a Variscite SOM with an NXP i.MX 6 Series processor leveraged Timesys’ security expertise before the device went into production. See how Timesys helped the company ensure its years of development and testing would be protected against counterfeiting and IP theft.

Supported NXP Processor Families

i.MX Series

Embedded Linux for NXP i.MX 8 processor

QorIQ Layerscape

Embedded Linux for NXP QorIQ LS1 processor

Power Architecture QorIQ

Embedded Linux for NXP QorIQ P4080 processor

Watch NXP On-Demand Webinar:
Don’t Sweat the Threats – Vulnerability Monitoring

“Security is critical for today’s IoT and embedded systems. Medical devices, retail point of sale, and industrial control systems
handle sensitive data, so the security of devices used in these applications is essential.
We’re partnering with Timesys to highlight best practices for designing and maintaining security
in systems using our feature-rich and performance-scalable i.MX applications processors.”

Robert Thompson, i.MX Ecosystem Manager at NXP

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