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Remote Debugging and Continuous Testing

Board Farm Cloud + continuous testing = Reduced development cost and accelerated schedules

Debugging and testing by any member of your development team can be challenging due to the limited availability of early development boards. And when teams are split between locations, whether geographically or within the same building, it can be a challenge to optimize development schedules. Timesys’ Board Farm Cloud and continuous testing can help you reduce development costs and accelerate your product time to market.

Timesys’ Board Farm Cloud and Continuous Testing

Timesys remote debugging and continuous testing

Board Farm Cloud

Timesys can help you improve development efficiency and minimize cost. Our board farm cloud features:

  • Multi-user access to shared resources — Helps to minimize cost and accelerate schedule
  • Board farm cloud dashboard — Enables centralized board management
  • Remote board debugging — Allows for a similar user experience as the local board
    • Power
    • Console access
    • Network
    • SD card & NFS boot

Continuous Testing

Timesys’ continuous testing helps with code quality improvements and schedule compression. Features include:

  • Functional regression
  • Performance regression
  • Discover bugs and performance issues early in the development cycle
  • Minimize manual testing by scheduling test runs and test reports
  • Continuous testing accelerates release cycles when an update is required to correct a security or customer issue
  • Summarized reports
  • Pre-integrated with CI (Jenkins)

Additionally, our continuous testing integrates easily with your existing workflow.

  • Build and SCM (source code management) system independent
  • CI service

Want to learn more about Timesys’ Remote Debugging and Testing?

We’d be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information about how we can help you improve development efficiency, enabling you to minimize cost and time. To contact us, simply fill out our online form, email us at or call us at 1.866.392.4897 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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