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Companies in more than 70 markets use Qt technology to power millions of devices and applications.* The flexible and customizable Qt framework enables you to design and create innovative and modern UIs, applications and connected devices. As a Technology Partner of The Qt Company, we can help developers all over the world accelerate the design, development and delivery of Qt based products.

*Source: The Qt Company

Timesys is a Technology partner of the Qt Company
Timesys' LinuxLink is Yocto Project Compatible

Our Comprehensive Qt Development Offering



Why Use LinuxLink Qt SDK?

Easy to use

  • Intuitive development environment that doesn’t require weeks of training
  • LinuxLink Free cloud-based version enables you to quickly assemble and boot an initial embedded Linux Qt based image
  • Minimal time spent setting up your development environment

Easy customization

  • Design a custom BSP for your reference board or custom hardware
  • Add a Qt software stack, and take full advantage of the underlying hardware platform


  • LinuxLink update notification alerts you to updates for only the software components used in your particular configuration
  • LinuxLink does not force you to update; you choose whether to update or not

Commercial support

  • Linux development support options available from Timesys, enabling you to get technical support that fits your needs and budget from an expert when you need it
  • Developers with a Qt commercial license can leverage Qt development support from The Qt Company

Choice of build system

  • LinuxLink supports Timesys Factory and Yocto Project build systems, so you decide which build system you want to use
  • Start your project using tested BSPs based on software from mainline, semiconductors and board vendors


  • LinuxLink generates both Factory and Yocto Qt SDKs
  • Qt SDK includes Qt software stack and cross-toolchain with all the libraries available for application development for your hardware
  • QtCreator IDE automatically recognizes Qt SDKs

Security notification

  • Receive security alerts specific to components used in your application, eliminating the time spent on monitoring CVEs yourself
  • Provides you with an easy and efficient way to integrate patches into your device software, eliminating the time spent on addressing CVEs that are not applicable

Are you ready to power your next big innovative device with LinuxLink and Qt technology? Build your custom Qt image with LinuxLink Qt SDK.

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