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Stay Secure

Timesys BSP Lifecycle Maintenance: Reduce Your Costs by 60%+

Leverage Timesys’ engineering and security expertise, and dedicate your resources to developing your next-generation product.

  • Keep your product line updated and in sync
  • Stay secure
  • Receive ready-to-deploy updates

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BSP Lifecycle Maintenance

Reduce Your BSP Maintenance Costs by up to 60%

Reduce Your BSP Maintenance Costs

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BSP Lifecycle Maintenance

offload your BSP maintenance to Timesys

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BSP Lifecycle Maintenance

Keep Product Line Updated and Secure

Keep Product Line Updated & Secure

Timesys BSP Lifecycle Maintenance

How It Works

we set up a BSP baseline

Set Up

We set up a baseline that includes:

  • Adding your custom board into the Timesys Board Farm Cloud
  • Adding your BSP code into a private Git repo that only you and Timesys can access
  • Running a driver test
Timesys provides monthly CVE reports and reviews them quarterly


We provide monthly vulnerability reports, and on a quarterly basis we jointly review them to determine what updates and patches you want us to apply.

Timesys integrates security patches and package updates into your BSP

Integrate Patches/Updates

We integrate security patches / package updates for your BSP as per the quarterly review.

Validate BSP


After integrating patches/updates, we validate the BSP by comparing the driver tests against the baseline.

Timesys delivers the updated BSP and validation reports

Deliver Updated BSP
& Reports

We deliver updated BSP and validation reports for comparison with the previous report.

Offload the Burden of BSP Lifecycle Maintenance to Us

Leveraging our expertise can help you reduce the overall cost of maintaining your embedded device and keeping it secure.

Focus your resources on value-add

Because Timesys maintains your BSP for you, your engineering team is freed up to focus on product differentiation.

Stay Secure

With the Timesys TRST team at the core, we help you keep your software secure. We monitor security vulnerability reports, analyze the severity of the vulnerabilities, and integrate required patches and updates.

Know what is affected

Because our comparison reports include baseline and driver test data, you can see what’s been affected.

Reduce overall maintenance cost

Through years of implementing best practices, we’ve streamlined the BSP Lifecycle Maintenance process, enabling us to maintain your BSP for you as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Track and trace

You can use the reports and documentation we provide to help you with compliance.

Be assured you have a solid plan for ongoing product updates

Think of Timesys as an extension of your team, and rely on our expertise for the long haul. When your next BSP update is required, you’re in good hands.

Timesys BSP Lifecycle Maintenance significantly lowers your long-term BSP maintenance costs and helps maintain the security posture of your embedded device.

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