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Timesys Vigiles™: Real-time security vulnerability
monitoring for more secure products

Witness the Power of Timesys Vigiles

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  • Maintain strong product security throughout your product lifecycles
  • Deploy open source components without increasing security risk
  • Bring more secure products to market faster
  • Make security a key product differentiator
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Security is the top concern of CIOs deploying new IT products today. Internet of Things, networking, computing, operations, data centers, industrial control, sensors, analytics platforms … the entire scope of enterprise devices and systems has been hit by a perfect storm of vulnerabilities, exploits, and breaches.

Do your products have the strongest security posture, or are they putting enterprise customers at risk?

Are you ensuring products stay secure throughout their lifecycle?

What is Timesys Vigiles?

Like the famed ancient Roman city watchmen for which it is named, Vigiles is a service that constantly watches to keep things secure.

BASIC (Free version)

Automatically monitors thousands of reported vulnerabilities and provides unique targeted vulnerability detection for your specific product components, including alerts of new vulnerabilities, summaries of severities and status, and on-demand reports for your projects


Gives you all of Basic’s vulnerability monitoring features along with powerful vulnerability analysis, triage, and collaboration tools, to enable your team to rapidly prioritize, assess and mitigate security issues


Features all the monitoring and mitigation tools of Basic and Plus, enhanced with unique patch notification features, automatically generating recommended fixes based on identified vulnerabilities specific to product components, augmented by detailed version analysis and tracking across all branches

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Vulnerability monitoring with …

  • On-demand CVE reports
  • Automatic alerts for newly discovered CVEs in previously scanned software
  • Push notification of CVE summary report
  • CVE severity and status counts
  • CVE categorization
  • Build system support: Yocto, Buildroot, and Timesys Factory
  • Support for custom component lists (CSV format)
  • Desktop push of component list for Yocto
  • Vulnerabilities tracking for 1 component list

Timesys Vigiles Basic automatically sorts through the mass of vulnerabilities to identify only those affecting your specific builds. Get started today.


Starts at

$5,000 / Year / 5 Developers

as low as $44 / Month / 50+ Developers


Vigiles Basic and …

  • CVE triage collaboration
  • Whitelisting
  • CVE filtering by CVSS score or attack vector
  • Push notification of CVE detailed report
  • Multiple format reports
  • Desktop pull and push reports for Yocto
  • Early CVE notification
  • Comparison of reports for new and changed CVEs
  • Vulnerabilities tracking for unlimited component lists

Timesys Vigiles Plus enables collaborative, streamlined and highly efficient security management for your projects. Get started today.


Starts at

$10,000 / Year / 5 Developers

as low as $52 / Month / 50+ Developers


Vigiles Plus and …

  • Fixed version notification for OSS
  • Reference links to available patches, mitigation, and exploits
  • Links to mainline Linux kernel fix commits
  • CVE filtering by Linux kernel config

Timesys Vigiles Prime patch notification and management responds rapidly and efficiently to CVEs. Get started today.

*Initial trial/evaluation period is 30 days, after which your account will convert to a Vigiles Basic Free account.

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Timesys Vigiles brings you constant vigilance.

No work for you

Vigiles automatically scans your product contents and continuously monitors reported vulnerabilities to identify those that matter, eliminating the need to manually monitor and analyze thousands of vulnerabilities.

Filter out the noise

You receive notification of vulnerabilities relevant to only your embedded open source software components, cutting the endless sifting through masses of vulnerabilities.

Get notification when you want it

You decide how you want to receive alerts to support your processes and development cycle.

Access CVE details easily

Powerful dashboard enables you to see, investigate, filter, and prioritize vulnerabilities.

Always know what is affected

Subscribe to notifications for all your software manifests across all versions and branches.

Track changes conveniently

The report history for all configurations is available in one place, making it quick and easy to see what’s changed — newly discovered vulnerabilities and fixed ones.

Locate fixes easily

Collaborate with your team to triage, prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities, including receiving suggested fixes from Vigiles Prime.

Remain in control

Continuously monitor old and new vulnerabilities as your products change, for more secure products throughout the lifecycle.

Best of all, you can get started today for Free.

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How Vigiles Works

Timesys Vigiles is the foundation of more secure products,
available from the open source embedded systems pioneer.

Vigiles benefit one See the vulnerabilities affecting only your products

Vigiles benefit two End time-wasting manual analysis of CVEs and chasing false positives

Vigiles benefit three Collaborate with your team on rapid mitigation

Vigiles benefit one Get patches and minimum versions to resolve

Vigiles benefit one Streamline vulnerability management and keep your products secure

At Timesys, we have accelerated the time to market for more than 1,000 products with our open source embedded system development tools. Now we are bringing you the industry’s best practices for more secure products based on our work as a partner of choice for BSP and processor makers.

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