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BSP Development and Integration

Solid foundations — Develop. Optimize. Secure.

Timesys’ BSP Services help system engineers build a stable and reliable platform for the application team — quickly. So if you need help with a particular BSP function, have limited embedded software resources, or want to reallocate resources to applications or other strategic functions, consider Timesys as a project partner.

Our BSP Development and Integration Services Include:

Custom BSP Development

When Timesys takes on the primary development and testing role for your open source embedded project, you can get to market faster and allocate your resources to other strategic priorities. Using tried and true development and communication processes, we ensure the project is completed on-time and with a smooth hand-off, so you can manage the overall product long-term.

Linux Kernel, Bootloader, and Device Driver Development & Porting

Leverage our years of expertise in kernel porting, customizations, and debugging, including support for multicore platforms. We also have extensive expertise with bootloader modifications, custom and new bootloader development, and fail-safe boot as well as expertise in writing device drivers for Audio, USB, networking, peripherals, System-on-Chip, and custom FPGA hardware.

Board BringUp

We can help with custom board bring-up for a variety of architectures including ARM, Power, x86, and more. Our board bringup services range from setting up and booting the board from NAND, SD card, eMMC, etc. — to setting up the kernel and optimizing for various devices and peripherals.

Boot Time Optimization

From analyzing your system and making recommendations to implementing a solution, we offer professional services to help you with all aspects of reducing the system boot time of your product. Our boot time optimization solutions typically utilize open source technologies; for those requiring extremely fast boot times, we also employ a commercial solution.

Power Management Optimization

Our Professional Services team can help you with all aspects of reducing the power consumption of your product. We can analyze your design to determine where power is being consumed as well as implement recommended optimizations.

Android Porting & Development

Timesys Corporation Professional Services offers both Evaluation and Design services for Android. Our team will analyze your product requirements and make recommendations based on your teams’ Android and Linux experience. In addition, we can help you with all aspects of your Android design, from setup and configuration of the Android development environment, to providing a complete, turnkey solution.

OS Migration to Open Source

Migration of applications to a new OS and hardware can be gut-wrenching, especially if you do not have the skills, experience, support, or services necessary to make the jump.

Timesys’ consulting services can help you think through the issues when migrating to embedded Linux and the options you have within the embedded Linux world. With Timesys, you can understand the pros and cons of a Roll Your Own (RYO) approach, an Open Source with Services approach, or a Commercial Linux approach. From there, Timesys can help you implement the migration — with confidence.

OS Migration from Windows Embedded to Open Source

If you’re a developer whose embedded application is currently based on a legacy Windows Embedded OS, are you prepared for when support for Windows CE 6.0 ends in 2017 and for Windows CE 7 in 2020? To be safe, you need to port or rewrite your applications for a new embedded OS now. Timesys’ expertise with Linux and Windows CE, along with our four-phase process, ensures a smooth migration. Timesys’ process includes: Analysis, Gap Identification and Sizing, Port and Optimize, and Deploy, and Support. With Timesys, your migration to open source can eliminate per-device royalties, enable new functionality, and prevent vendor-lock-in.

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