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Engineering Services by Project Type:

“Closed” Embedded Software Projects

Market trends indicate that “Closed” Embedded Software Projects — those that use proprietary commercial software or in-house software for “bare metal” — are a shrinking breed as more and more customers seek the benefits of open source embedded software while avoiding the pitfalls of “end-of-support” commercial distributions. As they consider which path to take — RYO, Open Source with Services, Commercial Linux or Android, etc. — they seek objective training to learn the pros and cons of each approach, each with its own tools, hardware compatibilities, “openness,” etc.

Timesys offers strategic guidance and open source solutions to “closed” embedded shops who are considering migration to open source, so they can reduce their costs and increase functionality while minimizing business and technical risks.

“Closed” Embedded Software projects that turn to Timesys benefit from:

  • “Vendor-neutral” training on the open source “landscape” with its various approaches, players, and strategic considerations.
  • Embedded OS Migration and Porting Services — with experience in migrating applications from Windows Embedded and Android to Linux Embedded.
  • Software, Tools, Support and Services for various open source development approaches — Commercial Linux, RYO with support and/or services, etc.
  • Royalty-free commercial Linux distributions
  • More than 20 years of experience with 1000+ projects across 200+ customers
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