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Consulting and Planning

Tough decisions require expertise and experience. Timesys delivers.

Why reinvent the wheel? Our team of software engineers has full embedded software lifecycle expertise beginning with requirements analysis and system architectures through code development and integration testing. Combine that expertise with one of the largest ecosystems of semiconductor, board/SoM, and software partners, and you have the bases covered. So, whether you need help with a BSP, a device, a mobile app, or an IoT system, Timesys can provide the expertise and guidance to lower your risks and increase your confidence.

Timesys offers Consulting and Planning Services in a variety of areas, including:

Open Source Selection and/or Migration

With the options available, it helps to get some guidance on the pros and cons of each.

System Architecture

Through an efficient architecture and design review, we can help you to explore the engineering feasibility of your design, identify and reduce technology risks, and evaluate design choices that will impact your hardware or software design costs and project schedule.

Mobile and IoT Planning

Networking, integrating, and managing embedded devices into larger systems requires a broad array of knowledge and technologies. Timesys’ consultants come from the computing and networking industries and can help you think through the issues.

Resource Planning

Creating a resource plan can be confusing … Identifying whom to train, what expertise you want/need to develop, how to allocate embedded resources, what part of the embedded lifecycle tasks you want to outsource based on strategic priorities, etc. Timesys’ consultants come from the OEM environment and have lived the trade-offs you are facing. We can help.

Lifecycle Management

Planning, developing, and launching a product is one thing, but managing one (or should we say the thousands of them) once deployed can be a significant challenge. The challenges increase when you are working with mobile-enabled and IoT solutions. So, with the constant source code changes in security and functionality — both at the BPS level and at the application level — Timesys can help you think through the options for managing the changes in a way that can reduce your overall costs, from development to end of service.

Have a new embedded project you’d like to discuss?

We’d be happy to help you review your system architecture, select an embedded OS or migrate your embedded application from proprietary OS to open source OS so you can make the right, long-term strategic decision. For more information about our consulting and planning services, fill out our online form, email us at or call us at 1.866.392.4897 (toll-free) or +1.412.232.3250.

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