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On-Site Public Training

Local courses. Focused training from partner-vendors.

Timesys training occasionally “goes on tour,” offering free, in-person training courses in select metropolitan areas — known as “Timesys University Local Edition.” Developed in conjunction with Timesys partners, these embedded Linux training workshops focus on a particular device configuration or application that can be used in one or more industries. Ultimately, they are designed to help developers — both novices and experts — shorten their learning curve for building embedded Linux projects through hands-on activities.

These full-day, complimentary workshops focus on building an embedded Linux based device using popular processors and their associated development kits. Through individual modules that include hands-on labs, attendees learn the basic concepts unique to embedded Linux development and how to easily create, manage and maintain your custom Linux-based product using Timesys software and products. Timesys University workshops include:

  • A detailed review of the capabilities of the underlying hardware,
  • A hands-on lab to create BSPs / SDKs using Timesys products and technologies with popular processors / boards,
  • Complete instructions — from defining requirements to designing and deploying Linux,
  • A free Timesys LinuxLink account and
  • Access to our expert instructors to answer your specific questions.

Previous 2017 Timesys University Local Edition Workshop Dates & Locations:

Monday, January 23, 2017
Frankfurt, Germany

Intro to Yocto Project Development for the Shiratech Sparc-501

Thursday, January 26, 2017
Braunchweig, Germany

Intro to Yocto Project Development for the Shiratech Sparc-501

Friday, January 27, 2017
Aachen, Germany

Intro to Yocto Project Development for the Shiratech Sparc-501

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