Embedded Linux Security Maintenance

Vigiles streamlines embedded system product security throughout the lifecycle

How secure are your product’s open source components?
How secure are your product’s open source components?
How do you maintain strong product security after release and production deployment?
How do you prioritize vulnerabilities and efficiently mitigate those posing the most risk?
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  • Timesys Vigiles empowers your developers to address open source vulnerabilities before they become major security risks
  • Automates vulnerability monitoring, analysis and fixing to streamline security maintenance
  • Supports high-efficiency security management workflows, accelerating vulnerability mitigation
  • Significantly cuts cost and effort to fix vulnerabilities, driving risk lower while consuming less time and resources
  • Reduces your “vulnerability window” by immediately notifying your team when emerging vulnerabilities affect your products

Timesys Vigiles Vulnerability Monitoring and Remediation can reduce the time your team spends on security maintenance tasks by 90% or more.

CVE report for managers and detailed risk analysis views

Find vulnerabilities

  • Vigiles continuously scans security vulnerability notifications, including Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs)
  • Vigiles filters vulnerabilities and automatically matches them to your embedded system product’s open source components, across all branches and versions

Fix them quickly

  • Vigiles identifies suggested fixes, including patches to address specific vulnerabilities
  • Investigation, prioritization & mitigation workflow tools enable your team quickly and efficiently addresses and fixes vulnerabilities

Maintain product security efficiently

  • Your team spends time on only the security issues that matter
  • Your overall progress toward more secure products is easily tracked and managed with powerful reporting and security status dashboarding

With Vigiles, you can make security a simple and efficient part of your regular product maintenance processes.

Engineering managers in medical devices, transportation systems, industrial control, IoT, IIoT, and every other embedded system category are making Vigiles their eyes and ears for vulnerability management.

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How much can Vigiles save you?

*On average, the hidden cost of manually monitoring and managing vulnerabilities yourself is $48,000 per year. And that’s just for a single Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

Our calculator lets you compare the cost of Do-It-Yourself vulnerability management for your products vs. the cost of automating the process with Timesys Vigiles Prime.

**Starts at $14,900/year for up to 10 developers.