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Your Vigiles Prime 30-day Evaluation: Where Do I Go From Here?


This page will help you select the right version of Vigiles to meet your needs.

Not sure if you have the engineering time to commit to vulnerability management yourself? Managed BSP Maintenance might be for you. Still in development and want to get a more secure product set up from the ground up? Then one of our security services might make sense.

I want to purchase Vigiles. Should I choose Plus or Prime?

The Linux kernel config filtering and links to fixes are the primary decision points for choosing Prime. If you are using the collaboration features or Jira integration for issue creation but don’t need the kernel and U-Boot filtering or easy access to fix information, then Plus works. Given the amount of work that the Linux kernel can generate, most users opt for Prime.

What Does It Cost?

Vigiles subscriptions are annual. Pricing is as follows:


$9,900 / Year*

Key Tier Features

  • CVE triage collaboration
  • Jira integration


$14,900 / Year*

Key Tier Features

  • Kernel and U-Boot Config filtering
  • Links to fixes and minimum version for fixes

Additional Seats

$40 / User / Month

* Plus and Prime subscriptions start with 10 seats.

Additional seats at $40 / User / Month can be added at any time.

How Do I Purchase?

Fill out the form below so we can answer any questions you have and help you with the purchasing process.

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We’ll Make Sure You Are Taken Care Of

To get Vigiles integrated into your workflow, we’ll also meet with your team to look at your current process and ensure you’ve got the best practices in place with Vigiles.

I Don’t Have Time to Maintain the Security of My Device’s Linux OS/BSP

After seeing the CVE management process, you may realize that maintaining the security of your Linux OS and BSP isn’t something you can fit into your current schedule while also maintaining regular feature updates. Or maybe a new project is going to start using the resources you would have committed to long-term maintenance, and you don’t want to neglect the new vulnerabilities that come up every day.

Maintaining Your Product’s Security Is Complex and Time-consuming

Doing it yourself requires a dedicated team to monitor vulnerabilities, identify if they’re applicable to your product, and analyze the impact of the vulnerabilities. And periodically, it requires a Linux engineer to keep up with kernel vulnerabilities; a Toolchain engineer to keep up the root filesystem, pin the toolchain version to a specific build system and rebuild the SDK for application and regression testing; a BSP engineer to update, integrate and test the patches for the libraries and packages in your configuration; and QA engineers to retest the Linux platform and BSP.

We Take Care Of the BSP, You Focus On The Application

The Timesys BSP Lifecycle Maintenance team has the expertise to maintain the security of your BSP, on your custom hardware. Let us concentrate on the ongoing maintenance while you focus on improving products and building your company’s next great cutting-edge one.

When Timesys takes responsibility for keeping your custom Linux OS/BSP secure, you get maintenance from embedded Linux security experts. We monitor security vulnerability reports with Vigiles, analyze the severity of the vulnerabilities, and integrate required patches and updates. We deliver the updated, tested BSP. You just add application software, test, and deploy updates.

Cut The Engineering Cost In Half

Based on the data from all of our Linux OS/BSP maintenance customers, our BSP Lifecycle Maintenance service cuts the cost of keeping your product updated and secure in half. Simply put, you can offload your BSP Lifecycle Maintenance to Timesys for ½ the cost of junior engineer.

Want to Learn More?

If you still have questions, let’s talk. Simply fill out the form below to schedule a meeting.

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I’m Still In Development and Want A More Secure Product

Maybe you are still in development and want to incorporate security early into your project. We can help you get your product to market with the strongest security possible.

I Want My Device to Boot Up Securely

Our Secure Boot / Chain of Trust service will help you implement the technology required to verify your software’s authenticity before execution, so you can be assured the software your device is running is yours.

I Want My Intellectual Property and Important Data to Stay Protected

Our Device Encryption and Secure Key Storage service helps implement anti-cloning encryption and then protect the key used for encryption using a secure storage mechanism.

I Want to Trust My OTA Updates and Do It Correctly

Our OTA Software Updates service can help you determine how to update/deploy software securely and deny unauthorized software installs.

I Want To Know About Potential Threats In My Design And How To Address Them

Our Security Audit service will help you understand potential threats your system might encounter and what should be secured.

I Want To Reduce My Attack Surface At The Kernel Level To Secure My Device

Our Kernel Configuration Hardening service helps you secure the Linux kernel in your products and decrease the risk of a damaging attack.

Want to Learn More?

Have a project you’d like to discuss or have questions about any of the security services we offer? Fill out the form below to schedule a meeting. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Getting a Software Bill of Material (SBOM)/Manifest into your account, Scanning for CVEs, and Reading and Interpreting the Scans

If you haven’t viewed Parts 1 or 2 of your Vigiles Prime Evaluation walk-through, you can catch up on what you’ve missed at https://timesys.com/part1-features-vigiles-prime-eval/ and https://timesys.com/part2-workflow-other-benefits-vigiles-prime-eval/.

Let’s talk about the security of your product.

Ready to purchase Vigiles or have questions before you buy? Or are you interested in our BSP Lifecycle Maintenance service or want to talk about how we can help you implement security into the design & development of your product?

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