LinuxLink FREE Edition — Easy-to-Use, Hardware-Agnostic Tool for Building Custom Linux BSPs & SDKs

LinuxLink embedded Linux FREE Edition  

LinuxLink FREE Edition is Timesys’ award-winning cloud-based edition that enables developers to quickly boot embedded Linux on their development kit or reference board — without having to first set up a development environment.

Launch your embedded Linux product development fast with the FREE Edition irrespective of whether you are new to Linux or an expert.

  • No need to waste time configuring and compiling tools and programs from dozens of sources.
  • Don’t be restricted by the limited functionality included in the free Linux provided by board/semi vendors.
  • Use one tool to evaluate multiple processors — you do not have to learn a different build system for each board you are evaluating.

And best of all, it is completely free.

Use the FREE Edition to assemble a proven Linux platform for your project within a few minutes. You can choose to create an initial build by using a "starting point" or create a new build from scratch. Timesys starting points are prebuilt so they can be used immediately or they can be used as a template for a custom platform.

Within a couple of hours, you’ll be alerted via email that your Linux image has been built and is ready for pick-up, including associated sources. And, with the FREE Edition, you’ll be running a bootable image on your target within a day.

view embedded Linux demo Watch this short FREE Edition demo to see how.

LinuxLink FREE Edition helps developers:

  • Easily configure embedded Linux on multiple architectures, boards, processors.
  • Quickly prototype and benchmark common applications on your development kit.
  • Easily perform cross-compilation of complex packages.
  • Eliminate complexity and errors by receiving 'just in time' guidance — Based on best practices and board vendor recommendations, FREE Edition automatically provides recommendations about packages and libraries.
  • Easily maintain products over their lifetime by staying current with community updates consisting of automated alerts that are relevant to your specific application.

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