LinuxLink PRO Edition — Complete Embedded Linux Framework for Platform and Application Development

LinuxLink embedded Linux Application Development Edition  

LinuxLink PRO — the industry's most easy-to-use embedded Linux offering — combines an innovative build system, pretested software, comprehensive suite of development tools and responsive support at a price that fits even small teams' budgets.

It helps engineering teams, whether new to embedded Linux or with years of experience, bring products to market faster.

Developers new to Linux can overcome the learning curve in using open source software by using LinuxLink to:

  • Boot and run Linux on your development board within 30 minutes using an easy-to-use wizard
  • Use a single tool to evaluate multiple processors — you do not have to learn a different build system for each board you are evaluating
  • Avoid common mistakes in selecting packages with the Factory Advice Engine
  • Easily sustain products with long shelf life using the Factory Update Engine
  • Build from sources by maintaining your custom source code repository

For experienced Linux developers, LinuxLink significantly reduces the time spent on the foundational details of installing, deploying and updating applications so teams can focus on building a differentiated offering.

PRO Edition saves experts time because it:

  • Is built from and is compatible with common Linux utilities such as make,
  • Ensures a single change will NOT require widespread code changes,
  • Provides a consistent set of kernels and packages that are pre-built and
  • Maintains build repeatability — by maintaining strict version information enabling you to exactly rebuild your platform at any point in the development cycle.

LinuxLink PRO Edition Provides Maximum Customization & Control

The LinuxLink PRO Edition provides both command line and IDE-based development.
It simplifies and speeds up the entire product development lifecycle by allowing developers to:

  • Build a Custom Platform
    • Build a root file system (RFS) from the ground up — start small and add only the features your product requires
      • Reconfigure, patch and modify the Linux kernel
      • Use your own Linux kernel tree
      • Add, remove, modify and update packages in the RFS design
  • Develop Differentiated Applications
    • Use TimeStorm IDE to start application development — without waiting for hardware or platform to be finalized
    • Code, test and debug while staying within the familiar IDE environment
      • Add APIs to toolchains with one click (no need to learn how)
    • Meet Critical Embedded Product Requirements
      • Small memory footprint
      • Low power consumption
      • Boot more quickly
  • Integrate
    • Integrate third-party software (even binaries)
    • Integrate your value-add application
    • Optimize your Linux images for deployment on various media
  • Get expert, live support when needed

Is your project already underway? With LinuxLink PRO, you can use what you already have, so you don’t have to start over.

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