Timesys LinuxLink: Build Embedded Devices — Fast

Are you looking to:

  • Minimize the complexity and risk involved in open source, software-based development?
  • Simplify and speed up the writing of drivers and porting of kernels?
  • Shorten the learning curve associated with using Linux in your next custom project?
  • Deliver high-quality, differentiated, open source Linux-based products in a cost-effective, predictable and timely manner?

Timesys has three offerings to match your embedded Linux development and commercial support needs.

FREE Edition

  • Easily configure embedded Linux on multiple architectures, boards and processors
  • Quickly prototype and benchmark common applications on your development kit

TimeStorm IDE

Includes all of the benefits of the FREE Edition, plus:

  • Write custom applications using TimeStorm Eclipse-based IDE
  • Validate the performance of your design on a reference board long before the custom board is available
  • Easily add APIs for your value-add applications
  • Have access to live, expert support

PRO Edition

Includes all of the benefits of the TimeStorm IDE & FREE Editions, plus:

  • Build a root file system from the ground up
  • Reconfigure, patch and modify the kernel
  • Add, remove, modify & update packages
  • Integrate third-party software (even binaries)
  • Integrate your value-add application
  • Optimize your Linux images for deployment on various media
  • Have access to live, expert support
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Deliver your embedded Linux projects as designed and on time with Timesys LinuxLink

LinuxLink has been used in large and small companies alike in more than 1,000 projects to reduce the time, cost and risk associated with building commercial quality products using open source Linux.

LinuxLink combines high ease of use with advanced customization and integration capabilities to meet the entire spectrum of your product development needs — including expert, responsive support when you need a helping hand.

Timesys LinuxLink is based on an innovative Factory platform that uniquely combines web and desktop environments to deliver a seamless and easy-to-use development workflow.

Start building applications on day one with the Timesys offering that's right for you:

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