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LinuxLink is a free suite of tools that enables developers to quickly and cost effectively design a custom embedded Linux environment, prototype it, build it online or locally, deploy it to the appropriate hardware, debug and optimize the system, easily deploy the environment for Linux application developers to build upon, and simply update components for easy maintenance. LinuxLink is an end-to-end workflow utilizing open source components such as Makefiles and Yocto Project build environments, Eclipse-based and other GNU tools, and a framework in which to efficiently work and collaborate.

LinuxLink suite of embedded Linux development tools

At no cost and with no proprietary lock-in, with LinuxLink, you can quickly and easily:

  • Design, customize, and prototype a root file system in less than 30 minutes with the LinuxLink Cloud even if you’ve never done it before
  • Customize your root file system from the ground up with TimeStorm tools
  • Reconfigure, patch and modify the kernel
  • Add, remove, modify & update packages
  • Integrate third-party software (even binaries)
  • Integrate your value-add application
  • Optimize your Linux images for deployment on various media
  • Avoid common mistakes in selecting packages with the Factory Advice Engine
  • Easily sustain products with long shelf life using the Factory Update Engine
  • Build from sources by maintaining your custom source code repository
  • Optionally purchase a commercial support package for Timesys support of Timesys’ Factory or Yocto Project build systems that will enable you to get fast turnaround service for build and runtime issues

Don’t take our word for it — try it yourself right now. A custom Linux BSP prototype can be developed in less than 30 minutes with no cost, obligation, or vendor lock-in.

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