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Timesys LinuxLink: Build Embedded Linux Based Devices — Quickly

LinuxLink is Timesys’ software development solution for building custom embedded Linux based devices. LinuxLink includes a suite of tools, a software repository, expert support and a framework in which development teams can efficiently work and collaborate.

LinuxLink can help your developers accelerate development cycles by more than 35 percent, significantly lowering time to market (TTM) and on-going maintenance costs. Backed by Timesys’ years of embedded software expertise, LinuxLink is Yocto Project compatible and is the industry’s most affordable and easy to try, buy and use commercial embedded Linux offering.

LinuxLink Tools Include:


As an active contributor to the Yocto Project, we strive to simplify the process of custom BSP / SDK development using Yocto Project standards. Timesys’ “Bakery” allows you / your team to quickly and easily jump start custom Yocto Project based development — without even having experience with Yocto Project technology.

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With technology developed by Timesys, Factory enables you / your team to configure a custom board support package (BSP) and matching software development kit (SDK) by leveraging the most commonly used open source technologies. Factory offers an easy-to-understand, low-learning-curve build system that allows you design a BSP / SDK on your local host — on day one.

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Our TimeStorm Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is built with Eclipse technology and extensions that leverage our 15 years experience and industry leadership. TimeStorm provides integration with Factory and Yocto built SDKs, allowing you to develop and debug your system and application-level Linux software. TimeStorm helps to streamline development and maintenance.

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Board Support Packages (BSPs)

Timesys provides an extensive number of BSPs for partner reference boards. We work closely with semiconductor and board vendors to provide customers with the best starting points for the development of embedded Linux based products. Timesys-provided BSPs are based on partner-offered designs and technologies, enabling you to leverage hardware to the fullest extent.

To view Timesys supported processors, boards / SoMs and community boards, click the applicable button below.

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Timesys toolchains are built directly from sources from the GCC project, enabling Timesys to provide developers with the latest stable version. Timesys maintains older versions, ensuring build repeatability.

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LinuxLink includes GDB to provide source level, multithreaded remote debugging and tracing of your application and libraries. This feature allows setup of your cross platform debug session quickly and efficiently so you can start debugging your application on day one.

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JTAG probes are typically used for the initial bootloader and Linux kernel bring-up on your board. They provide assistance in quickly identifying early software issues and help accelerate Linux enablement on your hardware. LinuxLink is compatible with several JTAG debuggers including those provided by Abatron, ARM, Atmel, Lauterbach, Macraigor and Segger.

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Update Notification and Patching

Timesys LinuxLink customers can leverage the custom notification service to inform them of any discovered vulnerabilities that are specific to their device, thus eliminating the time spent monitoring CVE themselves.

The LinuxLink Update service provides developers with an easy and efficient way to integrate patches into their device software, eliminating the time spent on addressing CVE that are not applicable.

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Why Choose to Use Timesys’ LinuxLink?

LinuxLink enables customers to:

  • Have high confidence in their development schedule.
  • Use an intuitive development environment that doesn’t require weeks of training.
  • Start their project using proven, baseline reference software.
  • Use open-source software components without jeopardizing the quality of their code.
  • Leverage existing software as much as possible.
  • Focus their development efforts on building the application software, where they add value.
  • Reuse their code from another architecture on Moblin as efficiently as possible.
  • Stay in sync with open source patches, without constantly scanning newsgroups.
  • Get technical support from an expert when they’re stuck / when issues arise.
  • Spend as little time as possible setting up their development environment.
Timesys' LinuxLink is Yocto Project Compatible

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