Optimize Your Application Development: TimeStorm Eclipse-based IDE

TimeStorm is a powerful suite of integrated tools that enables developers to quickly and easily create more complex applications than ever before.

TimeStorm expertly handles embedded chores like multithreaded application debugging, kernel configuration, cross-compiling and remote debugging while including support for advanced features like profiling, tracing and memory leak detection. From installing an SDK, to managing and sharing your project code, our TimeStorm Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is designed to optimize the application developer’s workflow and make it easy to code and debug complex applications.

TimeStorm Features

C/C++ Development

  • Enables seamless management and auto-detection of Timesys Factory-built and Yocto Project SDKs
  • Enables easy build and test of your code for multiple platforms using different SDKs
  • Enables use of project wizard to generate buildable sample code for C and C++ programs, including the traditional “Hello World” as well as a multi-threaded example that customers are free to use as a starting point for their project
  • Includes fully featured C/C++ code editing tools
  • Includes code editor with syntax highlighting, code navigation and bookmarks

SDK & Toolchain Management

  • Enables easy management of cross toolchains — automatically detects toolchains using GCC with a cross-compiler prefix
  • Allows developers to choose or change the SDK used with an application
  • Includes optimized toolchain with runtime libraries — as per your specifications — for Timesys Factory-built SDKs

Qt Application Development & Debugging

  • Supports Qt application development, enabling developers building devices requiring rich HMI based applications to develop complex user interfaces and compile and debug the applications on the target
    • Use Qt plugins (bundled with TimeStorm) to compile & debug Qt 4.8 applications
    • Use Qt Creator and Qt Project (bundled with TimeStorm) to compile & debug Qt 5 applications

Kernel Configuration & Debugging

  • Includes kernel configuration tool that enables easy and proper configuration of the kernel
  • Supports writing and deploying of loadable kernel module (LKM) on a running target — developers can write their own LKM or choose from one of two included templates

Remote Debugging

  • Enables simple and fast downloading, running and debugging on the target
  • Supports hardware virtualization for Yocto based SDKs — TimeStorm QEMU launch wizard enables running and testing applications in an emulated environment using QEMU

Development Tools

  • Integrates with the Timesys Factory build system via easy-to-use wizard — enabling quick and easy addition of your application into the root filesystem
  • Includes support for popular and powerful profiling tools and tracers, including OProfile, Valgrind, Gcov, GProf and LTTng
  • Integrates with mpatrol — for locating memory leaks as well as run-time errors that would otherwise appear in the field
  • Enables easy management and sharing of project code — by default, TimeStorm includes support for the EGit plugin (for tight integration with the Git version control system)

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