TimeStorm Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Timesys TimeStorm IDE provides application developers with a toolset that expertly handles embedded chores like cross-compiling and remote debugging while including support for advanced features like profiling, testing and memory leak detection.

TimeStorm IDE is built on the latest Eclipse release, Eclipse 4.4.0, CDT 8.2.0, making application development even easier. TimeStorm offers support for many powerful plug-ins including:

  • Cross Toolchain Plugin to easily manage any number of cross toolchains
  • Target Management Plugin makes downloading, running and debugging on the target simple, intuitive and fast
  • EGIT — For tight integration with the git version control system
  • Remote Systems Explorer/ Target Management — A set of tools to communicate with and explore a target and its file system
  • GDB and JTAG for source and assembly level debugging
  • Integration between the C/C++ Developer Toolkit (CDT) Code Analysis tool and native Linux tools such as GCov, GProf, OProfile, and Valgrind to reveal many static analysis problems while you type
  • Visualization and analysis tools for Linux tracing tools LTTng and SystemTap
  • Qt Plug-ins for building rich human machine interface (HMI) applications

And, you always have Timesys Support and Professional Services teams available to provide help right when you need it.


TimeStorm Features

In addition, TimeStorm offers several unique features designed to optimize the application developer workflow and productivity:

Minimize Errors
with Factory Advice Engine

Use TimeStorm to access our innovative, online Factory Advice Engine which performs package analysis that goes way beyond simply identifying and managing dependencies. As you add additional APIs based on your application requirements, the Advice Engine analyzes your configuration, identifies possible problems, and suggests a corrective action. Learn more.

Simplify application updates and maintenance with Automated Update Engine

An application developer’s work doesn’t end with developing an application. The application needs to updated and managed for the lifecycle of the product, which can often be years. The TimeStorm Factory plugin connects you to the Update Engine which simplifies the task of updating your application by enabling automated but controlled updates only for packages used in your application. The Update Engine keeps the runtime libraries in your RFS in sync with the build time libraries in the toolchain. Learn more.

Support for Command-line

Getting your project built in your existing build infrastructure shouldn’t be another project. Timesys respects that some developers prefer using text-based, command-line tools, and enables compatibility for teams with members that opt to use the command-line by:

  • Creating ready-made automated scripts for automated build systems
  • Integrate with existing projects that have command-line driven scripts

Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Workflow

From writing/editing your C/C++ code and selecting your APIs to building and downloading your application to the target, TimeStorm provides all the software, tools and documentation you need to speed up and simplify development. You can complete your development cycle from coding to debugging and launch — without ever leaving the IDE environment.

SmartSearch — Intelligence for Quickly Finding Packages in the Timesys Repository

Because new packages are constantly being added to the repository, searching for the right packages for your application can become overwhelming. The Smart Search feature in TimeStorm saves precious time and helps you find packages based on their description rather than on their name. Developers no longer need to know the exact package name — just its function. With TimeStorm, simply searching for ‘ssh server’ will bring up all ssh servers in the Timesys Repository, including ‘dropbear.’

Demo and Code Fragments

The TimeStorm project wizard will generate buildable sample code for C and C++ programs, including the traditional 'Hello World' and also a multi-threaded example that customers are free to use as a starting point for their project. These samples of working code can save application developers hours of searching and eliminate the need to read what can often times be incomplete documentation.

Timesys Tested and Integrated BSPs / SDKs

The TimeStorm IDE comes with many tested and integrated board support packages for popular applications/processors so developers, can start writing applications on day one — literally.

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