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We build, secure, and maintain open source embedded software platforms.

Timesys is a pioneer and industry leader in open source software security, development tools, and engineering services and consulting, spanning the embedded software market. With Timesys’ expertise, OEMs, ODMs, and design houses cut development costs and accelerate time-to-market for devices and IoT systems and applications using embedded Linux, Android, FreeRTOS, Zephyr, and other open source solutions.

A Suite of Products and Services for
End-to-end Security

We offer end-to-end device security, development, testing, and maintenance throughout the entire product lifecycle. This includes Vigiles vulnerability monitoring and remediation SCA tool; VigiShield Secure by Design security feature implementation services; Linux OS & BSP Maintenance long-term software updates and maintenance; Embedded Board Farm test automation and remote access infrastructure; and collaboration and consulting on a broad range of security and development services for embedded devices.

20 years of Embedded Development Experience

With more than 20 years of embedded development experience, Timesys’ broad portfolio, embedded expertise, and extensive partner ecosystem are used by 1000+ customers to develop leading products and applications including medical, automotive, industrial, networking, aerospace, and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Our Differentiation

Deep Embedded Software Expertise with a Broad Portfolio

We have more than two decades of experience as a pioneering embedded Linux software and services firm.

Founding members of the Yocto Project, we have been industry leaders from the start. But we didn’t stop there — our broad portfolio includes embedded software development services across a wide range of embedded OS and build systems, and across industries from medical to automotive to industrial and IoT.

more than two decades of experience as a pioneering embedded Linux software and services firm
Timesys has embedded software cybersecurity expertise

Cybersecurity Experts

Always staying ahead of the next security threat, Timesys has the cybersecurity expertise to help you design security into your device and keep it secure while in the field.

We’ve developed a full suite of security solutions: core security feature implementation (e.g. secure boot /chain or trust, OTA updates, and hardening); a best-in-class vulnerability monitoring and remediation tool; and a long-term security update and maintenance service for Linux OS/BSPs. Timesys device security solutions give your device the strongest security posture possible for the entire product lifecycle.

Innovative, Cutting-edge Tools

As pioneers in our field, we’ve developed purpose-built, cutting-edge tools to build, secure, and maintain open source embedded software platforms.

From Vigiles vulnerability monitoring and remediation tool, to Embedded Board Farm test automation and remote access infrastructure, to TimeStorm Eclipse-based IDE optimized for embedded Linux development, we are always innovating to stay ahead of industry trends as well as the next cybersecurity threat.

Timesys has developed purpose-built cutting-edge tools
Timesys works alongside your team

Collaborative, Long Term Partnerships

We work alongside your team, bringing our extensive knowledge of embedded systems and deep engineering expertise. We create true partnerships, supporting our customers through full product lifecycles, and helping their teams to develop their skills and knowledge along the way.

You can engage at any stage of the product lifecycle, and we offer quick and easy onboarding and flexible, open-source tools.

Expansive Hardware Partner Ecosystem and Global Reach

Timesys has the largest number of hardware partners — from SoC to SoM and SBC manufacturers and distributors — of any truly open source embedded software and services firm. We have a global presence, with development in the US and India, as well as sales and support in North America, EMEA, Japan, and Asia.

Timesys has the largest number of hardware partners and a global presence

Our Story

Timesys was forged in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Forged in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Timesys LLC was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA by principals affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University to develop and market embedded operating system technology for devices requiring real-time behavior. Pioneers in the field, Timesys then saw the massive opportunity with Linux and the need for Linux customization, so we built the first web-based customization tool for embedded Linux. As Linux gained popularity, Timesys identified a growing need for deeper embedded OS expertise and skills, so we launched our engineering services to help get customer products to market faster. And most recently, with the explosion of cybersecurity threats, Timesys has become a leader in securing open source embedded software platforms, from Linux to Android to RTOSes.

A History of Firsts

  • First to develop and maintain a real-time embedded Linux distribution
  • First to develop and deliver an award-winning, automated, intelligent embedded Linux build system (Factory)
  • Founding member and early supporter of Yocto Project, a Linux Foundation workgroup
  • First vulnerability monitoring and management SCA tool optimized for embedded (Vigiles)
  • First test automation and remote access infrastructure for any test framework (Embedded Board Farm)

Growth into Embedded Security

Cybersecurity is constantly in the headlines, affecting nearly every major industry with sometimes catastrophic results. There has never been a greater need to build security into devices, and keep them secure while in the field with monitoring and security updates.

Anticipating this trend, Timesys has invested in technology and skills to become a leader in embedded software security. We have the experience, expertise, and broad skillset to give your devices the strongest security posture possible. From security by design, to vulnerability monitoring and remediation, to maintaining Linux OS and BSPs for the full product lifecycle, Timesys is your embedded device cybersecurity partner.

Your Future with Us

Timesys looks forward to working alongside you

Timesys isn’t just another embedded software services company. In twenty years, we’ve stayed ahead of the curve, collaborating with partners to tackle real-time, build systems, and device cybersecurity … and we’re not done yet.

The signs are clear: the future is software. We look forward to working alongside you to create innovative processes, develop cutting-edge technologies, and build the next-gen software supply chain.

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