Timesys Security Solutions in Action

How do you ensure your devices will not increase the risk of data breaches or security compliance violations for your customers? The answer lies in Timesys Device Security Solutions that enable you to Secure by Design and Stay Secure.


VigiShield Secure by Design

Security Feature Implementation

Leverage our embedded device expertise to implement the core security features your device needs with an easy-to-understand, PSA certified, maintainable Yocto security layer.




Vulnerability Monitoring, SBOM Management and Remediation

Best-in-class vulnerability monitoring and remediation tool that combines a curated CVE database, continuous security feed based on your SBOM, powerful filtering, and easy triage tools so you don’t get blindsided by vulnerabilities.


Linux OS & BSP Maintenance

Long-Term Support

Long-term security updates and maintenance for embedded systems. Take the complex, time-consuming work of Linux OS and BSP maintenance off your plate for the full 10+ year lifecycle of your device.


Engineering Services and Consulting

Embedded Linux/Android OS and BSP Development

Work with embedded platform experts with broad experience across Linux, Android, and RTOSes to help build and secure your custom embedded platforms and custom BSPs.



Embedded Board Farm

Test Automation and Remote Access Infrastructure

Utilize our test automation infrastructure to bring your embedded device into your CI/CT process. Make your boards remotely accessible for collaborative software development, test automation, and debugging from anywhere in the world.