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JUNE 2022

All the latest security solutions in the Embedded World, the importance of PKCS#11, Atul Bansal of TimeSys Talks Open-Source Software on TechVibe Radio, and more!

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MAY 2022

Unpatched DNS bug affects millions of routers and IoT devices, IoT Security Simplified with VigiShield Secure by Design, and Introducing Vigiles Enterprise and more

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APRIL 2022

Meet PSA Certified VigiShield, get insights from our cybersecurity survey, and stay ahead of the latest CVEs and more

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MARCH 2022

Two hijacking CVEs rated 10 out of 10 for severity, reading up on Yocto security, and four conferences you don’t want to miss

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A nasty stack overflow flaw, how to strengthen your kernel’s configuration, and embedded love notes

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A “losing battle” against vulnerabilities? 5 lessons learned from log4j, and more

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Industry-wide cybersecurity survey, Timesys’ new look, and more

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Sneak Peek: What’s Coming in the Next Vigiles Release and New TimeStorm release & how-to videos

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Preview of Embedded Board Farm features coming in October: New APIs, easy test framework integration

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New Vigiles features include new APIs for data visualization plus ability to easily see filtered and fixed CVEs

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JULY 2021

Vigiles supports FreeRTOS, Zephyr & Mbed – use our manifest creator tool to create reports and monitor vulnerabilities

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JUNE 2021

Timesys Embedded Board Farm (EBF) launched; enables remote access to hardware for software dev, test automation, and debugging

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MAY 2021

Vigiles Prime now features automatic alerts for non-authorized license type and for CVEs exceeding CVSS score threshold

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