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Strong relationships make a world of difference.

From processors and boards/SoMs to software and tools, our extensive global partner ecosystem enables us to provide our customers with a complete solution that meets their unique product requirements. Our comprehensive partner ecosystem ensures high customer satisfaction and greater productivity — no matter where our customers are located.

Our Global Partner Ecosystem includes:

Industry Alliances

Timesys Is a member of the ARM Connected Community
Timesys is a member of the Eclipse Consortium
Timesys is a member of the Embedded Linux and Android Alliance ELAA
Timesys is an Affiliate Member of the Intel Internet of Things Solutions Alliance
Timesys is a member of the Linux Foundation
Timesys is an NXP Proven Partner
Timesys is a Technology Partner of The Qt Company
Timesys is a member of the Renesas Partner Alliance
Timesys is a member of the Real-Time Specification for Java Expert Group (RTSJ)
Timesys is an authorized ST Partner
Timesys is a TI Design Network Platinum Member
Timesys is a member of the Xilinx Alliance Program
Timesys is a Yocto Project Participant

Channel Partners

Timesys Channel Partner Arrow
Timesys Channel Partner Avnet
Timesys Channel Partner Embedded Software Store
Timesys Channel Partner Future Electronics
Timesys Channel Partner Italsoft S.r.I.
Timesys Channel Partner Lineo
Timesys Channel Partner Menlopark
Timesys Channel Partner Mercury Systems
Timesys Channel Partner Pertech Embedded Solutions
Timesys Channel Partner Retronix Technology Inc.
Timesys Channel Partner SDC Systems


Semiconductor Partners

Timesys Semiconductor Partner Altera
Timesys Semiconductor Partner AMD
Timesys Semiconductor Partner AppliedMicro MACOM
Timesys Semiconductor Partner ARM
Timesys Semiconductor Partner 

Timesys Semiconductor Partner 

Timesys Semiconductor Partner 

Timesys Semiconductor Partner Microchip Atmel
Timesys Semiconductor Partner NXP
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Qualcomm
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Renesas
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Socionext
Timesys Semiconductor Partner STMicroelectronics
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Texas Instruments
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Xilinx

Board / SoM Partners

Timesys Board / SoM Partner Advantech
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Atmark Techno
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Boundary Devices
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Critical Link
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Device Solutions
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Digi
Timesys Board / SoM Partner element14
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Embedded Artists
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Embedded Planet
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Emerson
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Gumstix
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Ka-Ro electronics
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Lantronix
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Logic PD
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Mercury Systems
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Novtech
Timesys Board / SoM Partner PHYTEC
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Aviv Technologoies Shiratech Embedded
Timesys Board / SoM Partner SolidRun
Timesys Board / SoM Partner STx Silicon Turnkey Express
Timesys Board / SoM Partner Varisctie

Software & Tools Partners

Timesys Tools Partner Abatron
Timesys Software Partner 

Timesys Tools Partner 

Timesys Partner Crank Software
Timesys Tools Partner Lauterbach
Timesys Tools Partner Macraigor Systems
Timesys Software & Tools Partner Qt
Timesys Tools Partner Segger