Timesys Factory Build System

Embedded Linux BSPs / SDKs — Easy. Fast. Open Source.

Timesys Factory, a graphical, embedded Linux build system, offers optimized workflows and “cleaned,” preconfigured BSP components so developers can create custom BSPs easily and quickly. Developed by Timesys years before the Yocto Project initiative was even announced and continually enhanced since, Timesys’ Factory is an open source tool suite available either in desktop or cloud configurations.

Timesys Factory Build System


Timesys Web Factory

Offers an intuitive wizard for configuring Linux BSPs without requiring extensive knowledge of Linux. It makes the task of selecting software more intuitive and automates the management of build time and run time dependencies.

Desktop Factory

Enables you to configure, modify, and run your builds incrementally, receive configuration advice, and check for updates and security patches.

Timesys Factory Repository

Is a repository of the most widely-used layers by embedded devices. Timesys monitors security vulnerability databases and upstream sources and integrates the patches to the mirrored repository, thus reducing the burden of monitoring by the BSP development team.

Support for Popular Processors

Timesys Semiconductor Partner NXP
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Xilinx
Timesys Semiconductor Partner STMicroelectronics
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Texas Instruments
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Microchip Atmel
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Qualcomm
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Renesas
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Intel
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Socionext
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Marvell
Timesys Semiconductor Partner Broadcom
embedded Linux development solutions for Samsung processors

Embedded Linux Development Solutions for Timesys Factory

Embedded Linux Development
Jump Start Training

Our most popular training, Timesys Jump Start, is a customized 2-day course with hands-on exercises based on your application requirements that’s designed to help get you / your team up and running quickly.

Embedded Development Engineering Support

For developers/development teams wanting to undertake embedded Linux development themselves using Timesys’ Factory, you can leverage Timesys engineering years of experience. We can help you get assistance when you need it and implement best practices as you develop.

Security Vulnerability Monitoring & Management

Our Timesys Vigiles Vulnerability Management Suite eliminates the time spent monitoring CVEs and assessing their risks by up to 90%. A few key features are:

  • Providing unique targeted vulnerability detection for your specific product components
  • Monitoring and managing security vulnerabilities and fixes/mitigation using Vigiles
  • Filtering based on various product-specific configurations such as Linux kernel and U-Boot configs
  • Team collaboration for triaging

Test Automation Solution (TAS)

Timesys’ Test Automation and Remote Access Infrastructure helps to minimize manual testing and improve code quality while accelerating release schedules. The Timesys Test Automation and Remote Access Infrastructure is preintegrated with Jenkins and can easily be integrated with your Continuous Integration (CI) system.

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