Board Farm APIs for Automated Testing of Embedded Linux – an update

This Embedded Linux Conference 2021 session was presented by Tim Bird, Principal Software Engineer at Sony and Harish Bansal, Test Automation (TA) technical lead engineer at Timesys.

Session Date & Time: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 | 9:00am – 9:50am PDT
Location: Room 3 

Board Farm APIs for Automated Testing of Embedded Linux – an update

Session Description:

This talk presents an update on work to create a standard API between automated tests and board farm hardware and software.

Last year, we introduced the notion of a dual REST/command-line API that could be used for discovery, control and operation of hardware and network resources in a test lab. Since then, the scope of the work has increased, and there are now APIs for control of additional lab hardware.

Multiple implementations of the API (both server and client side tools) have been created.

We will describe the new APIs we have added, and demonstrate new tests that work with the REST API system, including power measurement tests and hardware serial port tests. Also, we will discuss how we envision using the API architecture for additional hardware testing, such as CAN bus, or A/V testing.

Although different equipment is utilized in different test labs (or board farms), by using the REST API the same test can be run in the different labs to obtain test results and provide quality assurance for products.

It is hoped that this board farm API abstraction will pave the way for more sharing of automated tests and testing resources, to accelerate the use of automated testing for products based on embedded Linux.


Tim Bird is a Principal Software Engineer for Sony Corporation, where he helps Sony use Linux and other open source software in their products. Tim is the maintainer of the Fuego test framework, and is involved in various groups in the Linux Foundation, including LF Board of Directors. Tim created and continues to run the Embedded Linux Conference. Tim’s overall goal is to improve Linux for use in consumer electronics products, by improving Linux system testing, directing technical initiatives of the Linux Foundation, and encouraging companies to participate in the open source community. Tim has been working with Linux for over 25 years.
Harish Bansal is an Embedded Board Farm and Test Automation (TA) technical engineer manager at Timesys with 13+ years of applications development experience. Prior to joining Timesys, Harish worked for Honeywell India, Vocollect, and other companies. Harish holds a master’s degree in Electronics from Jammia Millia Islamia University, India.

Harish Bansal

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