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Reduce IoT Security Risk with RISC

The future of embedded devices is in the connected world. The two big challenges with being in the connected world are security and agile delivery. Timesys has been developing solutions to meet the evolving needs for securing embedded Linux and IoT devices. In addition, we have developed solutions that enable product development teams to manage the embedded product life-cycle using best agile development practices and automated testing, thus enabling faster time-to-market at a lower cost.

During this session, Atul Bansal, CEO of Timesys, will give you an overview of the Secure by Design and Stay Secure solutions, Board Farm Cloud and Test Automation Service — the latest Timesys offerings that address the unique challenges faced by developers building embedded Linux based products for the connected world. The solutions are bundled and delivered on select i.MX 6 and future i.MX 8 based Advantech RISC platforms.

2018 Advantech IoT Co-Creation Summit  •  Suzhou International Expo Center  •  Suzhou, China
1 November – 2 November 2018

Session Information: November 2, 2018 | 11:30 AM – 11:50 AM | A211 (Venue/Room)
Booth Information: Embedded IoT | E4-3 (Timesys)

Atul Bansal

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