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Timesys® announces LinuxLink MeeGo™ solutions for the new Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xx Series

One of the first to offer easy-to-use embedded Linux solution for low-cost, low-power Intel® architecture embedded devices

Pittsburgh, PA – September 21, 2010 Timesys Corporation (https://www.timesys.com), provider of award-winning embedded Linux solutions and live support, today announced a LinuxLink MeeGo offering for the new Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series and the Intel® Platform Controller Hub EG20T. Customers will now be able to easily develop embedded Linux products, harnessing features of the new Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series and features offered by the MeeGo and other open source projects.

Timesys LinuxLink embedded Linux solution and expert linux support allows customers to take full advantage of processor features without a steep learning curve. LinuxLink is built with open source technologies that are well-known to Linux engineers of all experience levels. Customers can leverage MeeGo stacks, easily integrate their own applications, modify the Linux kernel and even incorporate their own proprietary packages and frameworks into the design of their product. In addition, they have access to Timesys’ expert technical support to resolve any technical issues. The productivity improvement resulting from the use of Timesys tools enables customers to focus on the primary task of building their value-add application.

“The new Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series offers improved power reductions, allowing for wider adoption in deeply embedded device markets,” said Maciej Halasz, Director of Product Management at Timesys. “The combination of rich media and sophisticated UI chip capabilities with MeeGo offered rich multimedia APIs, makes it ideal for devices such as point of sale, kiosks, medical and infotainment as well as a nearly unlimited array of other devices our customers design.”

“The popularity of Intel® architecture for designs in the embedded space is growing very fast,” said Jonathan Luse, Director of Marketing for the Intel® Low Power Embedded Products Division “Because many of these customers prefer the Linux operating system for their designs, the early availability of the Timesys solution will help our embedded customers bring products to market faster.”

Support for the LinuxLink MeeGo stacks will be available in 4Q’10.

In the meantime, developers can quickly configure, build and evaluate embedded Linux on the Intel® Atom™ processor E6xx series platform by accessing Free Edition of LinuxLink at https://www.timesys.com/register.

The complete list of Intel® processors supported by LinuxLink can be found on the Timesys website at https://www.timesys.com/intel.

About Timesys

Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a high-productivity software development framework for embedded Linux applications. The LinuxLink framework includes the Linux kernel, cross-toolchain, application development IDE, an award-winning build system called Factory, a vast library of middleware packages, software stacks and libraries, documentation and expert technical support. LinuxLink enables development teams to consistently build and maintain a custom, open source, embedded Linux platform through regularly updated Linux sources, proven middleware packages, and a scriptable GNU-based build environment. LinuxLink reduces the time, resources, risk and cost associated with building a product based on open source Linux. For more information, visit https://www.timesys.com.

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