Timesys Announces Embedded Linux Solutions for Renesas RZ/A Series Microprocessors (MPU)

Easy-to-use development solutions enable quick and cost-effective jump start of embedded Linux based application development on popular RZ/A processor-based development kits

Pittsburgh, Pa. – November 13, 2014 — Timesys LLC (https://timesys.com), provider of the industry’s easiest-to-use and most affordable embedded Linux solutions, today announced the company has expanded its embedded Linux support for Renesas Electronics’ RZ/A Series microprocessors (MPUs), beginning with the RZ/A1 development kit (RSK). Timesys has released its award-winning LinuxLink suite of tools and professional support for the RZ/A1, and will offer services and training to RZ/A1 developers. Among the BSP options for developers will be XIP (eXecute-In-Place) Linux support for the RZ/A1 to optimize the bill of materials (BoM) cost for RZ/A1-based devices. This latest offering from Timesys will enable developers to quickly, easily and cost effectively build embedded Linux-based applications.

The Renesas RZ/A1 is a high performance, low power, high capacity RAM ARM-based MPU targeting industrial automation, medical and consumer electronics markets. The combination of the innovative RZ/A1 RSK and Timesys’ embedded Linux solutions provide developers with a series of cost-effective options for getting embedded devices to market on time and on budget. With LinuxLink, developers designing smart devices around the RZ/A1 MPU and RSK can easily build a custom board support package and matching software development kit (BSP / SDK). In addition, they can access “How To” documentation, videos and code snippets plus other resources that can help them quickly jump start their development. Developers can register for a free LinuxLink account at www.timesys.com/register/renesas.

“Bringing differentiated applications to market quickly is a critical success factor in the competitive consumer and industrial markets, and the embedded ecosystem plays a key role in helping customers achieve these goals,” said Ritesh Tyagi, vice president of marketing, Renesas Electronics America. “Time to market can be significantly improved with the right development tools and software partners. We”re pleased to have Timesys on board as a partner; their embedded Linux solutions will enable RZ/A1 users to confidently tackle design challenges and complete their embedded Linux projects on time and under budget.”

“With its innovative architecture that helps enable cost effective controller and interface applications utilizing XIP, the RZ/A1 is a great choice for a wide range of applications where the bill of materials cost needs to be optimized,” said Brian Gildon, vice president of business development, Timesys. “Renesas is opening up new embedded design possibilities with the RZ/A1 MPU and RSK board, and we are excited to partner with them to support their release of these new ARM-based devices.”

In addition to its free LinuxLink tools, Timesys’ embedded Linux solutions include TimeStorm, an Eclipse-based IDE for application development that automates environment setup and kernel configuration and integrates various open source tools such as the OProfile, LTTng, and UI development frameworks such as Qt. Timesys also offers commercial support packages, professional services and customized training, enabling Renesas RZ/A1 MPU and RSK customers to minimize development risks and delays. The company’s comprehensive embedded Linux offering enables developers designing smart devices using the Renesas RZ/A1 MPU and RSK to get the help and support they need with typical build and runtime issues such as kernel patching and debugging and debugging multithreaded applications. And when additional engineering experience is needed, development teams can leverage Timesys’ expertise in technologies including human-machine interface (HMI) design and development, fast boot, power optimization, application development and more.

To learn more, please visit www.timesys.com/embedded-linux/resources/dev-center/renesas-rza1.

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