Timesys Joins ARM / Avnet Embedded Software Store

Expands access options for LinuxLink embedded Linux offerings

Pittsburgh, PA – June 20, 2012 Timesys Corporation (https://timesys.com), provider of the industry’s most-easy-to-use and affordable embedded Linux solutions and expert professional services, today announced the company has made available its LinuxLink FREE and PRO Edition offerings via the ARM / Avnet Embedded Software Store.

With 24/7 worldwide availability, the Embedded Software Store provides easy access to a broad range of Timesys offered software and services supporting the ARM® architecture. The addition of LinuxLink offerings for the ARM family of processors to the Embedded Software Store provides developers with a one-stop-shop for acquiring Timesys’s innovative embedded Linux solutions for evaluation and development on ARM processor-based hardware designs.

Timesys’s LinuxLink is a highly customizable, innovative embedded Linux development framework. It eliminates the complexity and risks associated with using open source software. LinuxLink provides everything developers need throughout the entire product lifecycle — from getting started with the BSPs / SDKs available in LinuxLink, to developing and debugging applications and finally, to deployment and maintenance of highly differentiated embedded Linux products.

  • Developers can use LinuxLink FREE Edition, the industry’s only cloud-based embedded software development system, to quickly and easily prototype and evaluate reference hardware by building custom BSPs and SDKs using a Web-based wizard interface.
  • They can use Timesys’s desktop-based LinuxLink PRO Edition to benefit from our advanced platform and application development tools and to take full advantage of all the hardware features that ARM-based processors offer.
  • LinxuLinkPRO Edition includes the Linux kernel, cross-toolchain, application development IDE, an award-winning build system called Factory, a vast library of middleware packages, software stacks and libraries and documentation.
  • In addition, LinuxLink PRO Edition subscriptions include unmetered, expert support.

“We’re excited to add Timeys LinuxLink offerings to the Embedded Software Store,” said Tim Barber, Senior VP of Global Business Development, Avnet Electronics. “With the continuation of time-to-market issues and extreme cost pressures, Timesys LinuxLink offerings provide customers with a competitively priced, quality solution that enables them to get started quickly with their embedded product development.”

“We recognize the continual, global growth of embedded Linux development, and Timesys is committed to providing embedded developers with solutions that enable them to get started on development of their value-add software right away.” said Maciej Halasz, director of product management at Timesys. “The addition of LinuxLink offerings to the Embedded Software Store enables developers to get started with LinuxLink easily and quickly, resulting in getting their products to market sooner.”

Timesys LinuxLink embedded Linux offerings will be available for purchase in the ARM / Avnet Embedded Software Store beginning late June, 2012.

For more information about Timesys’s LinuxLink offerings, visit https://timesys.com/embedded-linux/linuxlink.

The broad range of ARM processor-based platforms that Timesys supports can be found at https://timesys.com/supported/architectures.

To register for a free LinuxLink account, which includes use of the LinuxLink FREE Edition, and assemble a Linux image that you can download and run on your ARM-based development board, visit https://timesys.com/register.

About Timesys

Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a high-productivity software development framework that dramatically simplifies and speeds up embedded Linux application development. The LinuxLink framework includes the Linux kernel, cross-toolchain, application development IDE, an award winning build system called Factory, a vast library of middleware packages, software stacks and libraries, documentation and expert technical support. LinuxLink enables development teams to consistently build and maintain a custom, open source embedded Linux platform through regularly updated Linux sources, proven middleware packages, and a scriptable GNU-based build environment. LinuxLink reduces the time, resources, risk and cost associated with building a product based on open source Linux. For more information, visit www.timesys.com.

Timesys Press Contact

Theresa Kisha
Tel: +1.412.325.6362
Email: theresa.kisha@timesys.com


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