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February 2022

Cybersecurity in the News: Nasty Linux Kernel Stack Overflow Flaw Found and Patched

According to a recent article from The New Stack, “Another obnoxious security bug, CVE-2022-0435: A Remote Stack Overflow in The Linux Kernel was found by Appgate senior exploit developer Samuel Page while he was poking around at a Linux heap overflow security bug, CVE-2021-43267 from November 2021. Page’s discovery is a remotely and locally reachable stack overflow in the Linux kernel’s Transparent Inter-Process Communication (TIPC) protocol networking module.”

Luckily, there are already patches available. You can check out the full information on this CVE on the Timesys Vigiles database here (just sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one). This CVE is not yet in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD).

What if you had 4 extra weeks to catch vulnerabilities before they hit the public database? Would you be able to take action in that time? The Vigiles database can get information up to 4 weeks earlier than NVD. With early notification and up-to-date remediation information, you can be relaxing on vacation while your competitors are playing catch-up and staying late to secure their products.

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Feature: PetaLinux + Vigiles

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Vigiles Supports All Major Build System Integrations, Including PetaLinux

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Get early access to the results from our industry-wide survey
What’s new with Timesys Embedded Board Farm

Bring your embedded device into your CI/CT process with EBF

Tired of playing hot potato with an SD card to reflash your hardware when you want to run a build test? Is Jenkins smugly laughing at you in your fever dream state as you desperately wish you could exercise your embedded device within your modern CI/CT systems? Never fear – Embedded Board Farm is here.

You can now use a CI/CT tool like Jenkins to build an image that can be loaded onto your embedded board for running a test, using your choice of test automation framework.

Check out our latest video showing you this workflow using a Robot framework.

New features in the latest EBF release (Dec 2021)

  • Remote upgrade allowing administrators to manage software upgrade of EBF server and zombies from a central location
  • Enhanced user workflow by providing the share console option from the console window while doing pair debugging
  • UUU image flashing support for i.MX8
  • New Command-Line (CLI) and REST API for video image and audio capture
  • Improved video/audio live streaming with frame rate and resolution control
  • ADB (Android Debug Console) support over USB


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Discretionary Access Control (DAC) Hardening

Discretionary Access Control hardening can further improve your embedded system’s security by limiting userspace access to proprietary intellectual property, exploitable binaries, and privileged information.

Securing your Linux Configuration (Kernel Hardening)

Learn about the process by which your kernel’s configuration can be strengthened to protect against common security exploits. This is sometimes referred to as hardening, or specifically in this context, kernel configuration hardening.

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